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4 Common Loft Conversion Mistakes to Avoid

Having your loft converted is a big undertaking and, as such, you want to make sure your finished room is the best possible version of what it could be. So if there are mistakes to be made, you want to ensure that you avoid them.

Want to make sure that your newly converted space is perfect? It’s important to use a specialist conversion company who are used to avoiding common mistakes in a loft conversion Leytonstone wide. We’ll show you how to create a great space at the end of your building work.

1. A Badly Positioned Staircase

This is a crucial part of a loft conversion, as a badly positioned staircase will impact the layout of the loft conversion as a whole. This is where a specialist loft conversion company can come into their own, as their experience will mean that they’ll have the best insight into where the staircase should be positioned so as to give balance to your design as well as easy access.

Think about where the staircase will naturally work from the floor below, and what you’ll be using the rest of your space for before deciding where your staircase should go. It’s also wise to think about the area around it, and to ensure that your loft conversion staircase won’t create any dead space.

2. Not Including a Bathroom

If you’re in the process of designing your loft conversion and haven’t included a bathroom within the design, we’d urge you to reconsider. Not only will an additional bathroom add value to your home, you’ll also be extremely grateful when you don’t have to trudge down a flight of stairs each time you need to pay a visit.

3. No Provision for Storage

When you convert your loft space, you’ll be losing a large chunk of your home’s storage. Of course, a good clear-out will be needed (and may also be quite cathartic), but you need to think about keeping some space for storage within your new conversion.

Seasonal items, for example, will still need to be stored somewhere. With this in mind, ask your loft conversion company about maintaining some storage space. Otherwise dead space under the eaves, for example, could be perfect for storage.

4. Not Considering a Rear Dormer

If you’re looking to make the most of your loft conversion, adding a rear dormer can really help to open up the space. Not only will it allow lots of natural light in, but it will also stop the room from feeling ‘pokey’ and angular. 

If you’re worried about making a mistake with your loft conversion, contact Bespoke Lofts. We have the experience and knowledge to make the most of your loft conversion to be able to create a mistake-free attic room.

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