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Ideas for Creating an Office in Your Loft

Hybrid working continues to rise. Most office roles have an element of working from home included. That leaves many of us seeking a specific space within our homes to work from. Suddenly you catch yourself daydreaming about a loft conversion home office.

Intrusive at first, but slowly and surely a loft conversion study room becomes a more alluring thought.

Rightfully so. Having a dedicated work space, such as a loft conversion home office improves productivity. It can also help build that work life - home life separation.

Furthermore, something like a converted study is perfect if you’re setting up a new business. A dedicated home office to work helps get going with your ideas. But if you have no space within your existing home, what should you do? Think about converting your loft to gain more space… a loft conversion study could be the answer you’re looking for!

Here are just some ideas to help you create the ultimate loft conversion home office:

Create a dedicated loft conversion home office

If your business warrants it, you could create a dedicated loft conversion home office. This is where the entire loft conversion, or a good portion of it, is used as a workspace.

By dedicating a large amount of the space to a home office, you can make the area what you need it to be. This could include things like, dedicated filing storage, space for multiple computer screens, a large craft or project table. The space also provides a curated area to meet with clients.

If you’re looking to get a new business off the ground, a loft conversion home office on this scale is the answer.

Create a loft conversion study as part of a bigger room

There are plenty of ideas for creating a loft conversion study as part of a bigger room or space. For example, you could use the loft conversion’s natural nooks and crannies to portion off an area for a home office. An alcove next to a chimney breast, for example, could be just enough space for a desk with shelving above it.

You could also use moveable screens. That way can dedicate part of the room to your work and create a loft conversion study in just one corner. If space allows you can opt to have a landing formed by your new loft conversion stairs. Consider fitting a small desk area in this space, so as not to detract from the main room itself and maximise space.

What if you do not want a large space for your loft conversion study? You'd prefer a dedicated workspace within your home? We know plenty of ways to fit one in as part of your attic build.

Free up space elsewhere in the home for a home office

Don’t forget that if you’re adding a loft conversion to your home in order to accommodate additional bedrooms, it could be that there is another space in the original part of the home that could become a home office, instead.

Why keep a small, box room as a bedroom, when you could create a larger bedroom within the loft. Then, you can use the space freed up by the attic conversion to make a home study in the old, box room. This could be a particularly valuable use of the space. Now the box room can house part of the new stairs leading to the loft.

By using the old box room in this way and creating new bedrooms in the loft, you’ll make sure that your home is working its hardest for you.

Talk to Bespoke Lofts for more ideas on creating a loft conversion home office!

Your new loft conversion can be the perfect space for a home office, and Bespoke Lofts can help you create the ultimate space to work from home. Our experts are there with from the get-go. From drawing up the initial plans to help you decide how much of the space you want to dedicate to a loft conversion home office, through to the final fixtures and fittings, we can help.

To bring your loft conversion study ideas to life, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts.

The sky, or at least the attic, is the limit when it comes to a loft conversion home office!

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