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Five Reasons to Include a Loft Conversion in a New Build

If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to build your own house from scratch, you’ll know how exciting it is to get to choose not only the fixtures and fittings, but also the layout and the room requirements.

If you’re in the fortunate position to be building your new home, it’s a great opportunity to include a loft conversion as part of the plans. If you’re thinking of creating a new build loft conversion, North London homebuilders should read on to find out why it’s such a great idea:

1.     Creating Extra Bedrooms

Obviously this is the common reason for converting your loft: to create extra bedrooms. If you’re building a new build house on a relatively small plot of land – for example, on the side garden plot of an existing house – this could be all the difference between creating a two bedroom house and a more desirable three bedroom house.

2.     Fewer Nooks and Crannies to Work Around

By creating a room in the loft from the get go, you’ll keep in mind when drawing up your plans with your architect that you want and need your loft room to be a workable space.

This means that you’ll be less likely to include awkward chimney breasts which protrude into the loft or awkward roof trusses as you may find in an older house which wasn’t designed with a loft conversion in mind.

3.     Better Staircase Placement

Similarly, if you know that you’ll be having a room in the loft from the very start of your house build, then you’ll be able to place your stairs accordingly. This may mean that you have a better layout on your first floor than if you were to convert your loft at a later point.

4.     Less Disruption

If you’re building a whole house from scratch, what’s a little extra noise and mess created by a loft conversion?! To be honest, you won’t notice that the conversion is underway, as it’ll just be a small part of the build as a whole!

5.     Stop the Hoarding Before it’s even Started!

You may feel that this is a silly reason to convert your loft space at the same time as the rest of your house is being built, but actually, it’s a rather good reason!

If your loft is a liveable space rather than just storage, you will be less likely to store anything and everything currently not in use up there. You’ll be surprised by how many people despair at the thought of having to clear their loft to make way for a conversion at a later point!

If you are fortunate enough to be building a house from scratch and wish to include a loft conversion, be sure to use a specialist loft conversion company for the work. Often attic conversion companies can carry out the whole of the new build work, so it’s worth checking with them.

Feel free to talk through the benefits of a new build loft conversion with Bespoke Lofts; we have plenty of experience of converting lofts of all ages.

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