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How to Create the Ultimate Master Suite

For many homeowners, the ultimate reason for adding a loft conversion to their property is to create a loft master suite. After all, the attic space is a blank canvas, and with it being the size of the entire footprint of your home, it makes for a great space to create a beautiful attic bedroom which is the main bedroom within the home. So if you’re looking to add a master suite to your home with the help of a loft extension, here are our top tips for creating the ultimate loft master suite.

Make a statement in your loft master suite

As with many things in life, creating a fabulous master suite is often just about making a statement. Many interior design trends at the moment are all about going bold with colour, but this may not be the right style for your loft master suite. You want the room to be a relaxing retreat, and bold and dark colours can make a loft conversion space seem smaller.

However, if you do want to add some colour, and particularly a dark colour, why not do this through a feature wall? Having a statement wall can really draw the eye, particularly if your bed is against this. If going down the statement wall route, go for a relaxing colour palette which won’t make you feel too energised; this room is for sleeping in, after all.

And if you are a little nervous of using colour? This doesn’t mean you can’t make a splash elsewhere. Don’t be nervous to go for other features, instead. How about an extra-large bed? This won’t overpower the room if you keep other furnishings to a minimum, and it will also give the luxurious feeling that’s so desirable in a loft master suite.

Similarly, why not make a statement with the likes of a bath tub in the bedroom, strategically placed below a bank of windows for bath time star gazing? Any quirky fixtures and fittings can really add a statement to a loft bedroom.

Storage, storage, storage

Yes it’s boring, but storage is key in all loft conversions. We are often asked what we think is important when creating a loft master suite, and our response is always efficient storage. The reason being that no master suite is relaxing when overrun with clutter!

Fortunately, there are many bespoke options to store your belongings, and for the ultimate in luxury, you could even incorporate a walk-in wardrobe into your design. Having a separate dressing area, as well as an area to keep all of your clothes and shoes organised and out of site, is a really luxurious and enjoyable feature. Many people dream of having a dressing room, and to be able to add one as part of your attic bedroom really does help to make the room the ultimate in loft master suites.

A spa in your ensuite

Creating a luxury bathroom will mean that you’ve always got the feel of a boutique spa hotel at your fingertips. Just imagine stepping out of your bed of a morning and straight into the luxury of a massage shower, complete with underfloor heated tiles and his and hers sinks.

Why not ask your loft conversion specialist about any special features you can add to your master suite bathroom? From free standing bath tubs to rainfall showers, there are plenty of little touches that can be added to give you that feeling of being in a spa, every single day.

Incorporating your interests

And this is where the fun begins! Why have the ultimate in a loft master suite if it isn’t a room purely for you? Add some of your interests into the space to really make it the best possible attic bedroom for you and your needs.

Avid reader? You could incorporate a reading nook with built-in library shelves. Movie buff? Why not add a hidden large screen TV for a luxurious cinema experience as part of your loft bedroom? You could even have a craft room in a small adjoining room, or perhaps a games room. There are plenty of ways that, space permitting, you can add a little bit of your personality into your new attic bedroom.

Want to create the ultimate loft master suite? Contact Bespoke Lofts for expert advice.

If you’re ready to create a loft master suite within your attic space, contact Bespoke Lofts.

From a favourite view you’d like to incorporate into your design through the use of beautiful loft windows, through to a specific interest or theme you’d like to shine through, we’ll help you to create your perfect room.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you to create the ultimate loft master suite, perfect for your needs.

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