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Monochrome is huge in the world of interior design at the moment. It’s a really clear and striking effect, and quite a bold look to pull off. However, some people are put off by the fact that, because of the very nature of the colour black, it can feel dark and cold.


For loft conversions in particular, many people wish to maximise the natural light as much as possible, and as one of the most trusted loft conversion companies, we are here to show you that a monochrome scheme can make your east London loft conversion look anything but dark!



Bright and White


If you’re seeking interior design inspiration for loft conversions, why not take a look at our gallery of loft conversions throughout east London? Many articles you’ll come across will advise that white is an excellent colour for loft conversions, and we would agree with this. Immediately white will make your space come across as light, airy and bright. But what if you don’t want a completely pure white loft conversion? 


This is where just a hint of monochrome comes in. Fixtures and fittings in black, a splash of noir across soft furnishings or even the likes of dark grey-black grouting in between white bathroom tiles will be enough to make sure that the monochrome doesn’t overpower the loft conversion’s space. The key to this look is predominantly white with just a hint of black. For more inspiration, why not take a look at this touch of monochrome loft conversion we recently completed in east London?


Plenty of Natural Light


With any loft conversion, the more natural light you can include in the space the better. This means incorporating sky lights, dormer windows and maybe even floor to ceiling windows or a Juliet balcony. We would always advise flooding your new loft conversion with natural light wherever possible, as this will allow the space to take a dark colour scheme – including some bolder monochrome pieces – so much better.  


If you’re finding it difficult to achieve as much natural light as you might like, speak to your loft conversion company about artificial lighting, and include mirrors within your interior design where possible. 


Loft conversion specialists will usually advise on both the amount and siting of any light fixtures throughout the new room, as well as where to best place mirrors. And if the mirror happens to be in an ornate black frame? Well, this is where your monochrome obsession might well begin…!




If you’re still feeling unsure about the whole monochrome thing for your east London home, why not go greyscale? Greyscale is basically softening the black tones of monochrome by replacing them with tonal greys. 


 This is still a very contemporary look – especially as grey in all its fifty shades and more is so in at the moment – but it slightly takes the edge off of the harshness of stark black and white. If you’re still not sure what look will best suit your east London home, speak to loft conversion specialists Bespoke Lofts. 


We can talk you through the best looks to suit the space you have available, without making it feel overpowered or dark.

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