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How to Create Character and Charm in Your new Loft Conversion

When you are looking for loft conversion design ideas, you’ll probably come across a great deal of advice about making the best use of light, about the best ways to maximise space, about how to get your new area of the home flowing from the old, and about utilising as many mod cons as you can.

But what about making use of the natural features your loft space has to offer?

If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re talking about exposed beams. Natural features like these can add an enormous splash of added charm, especially when complemented by traditional or period style décor.

However you intend to use your newly converted loft space, you will find that exposed beams do a fantastic job of adding character and ambience. Go for a natural look with ‘organic’ wood that reveals the intrinsic beauty of the timber with its intriguing knots and burls, or opt for a paint job to match up with your design scheme.

Matching Themes

Get the flow going in your new space with natural wooden flooring that pairs up beautifully with the exposed beams. Enhance your rustic country feel with richly woven rugs and wall hangings for splashes of opulence.

And while you’re there, why not set yourself up for a regular spot of time travel? Source yourself a Regency style easy chair and place it in all its beautifully carved glory strategically aside from the Juliette balcony you thought to have built in to your loft conversion. The rich timber framed window that surrounds it will echo back to bygone eras as you relax with a good book, or flip through your memory albums with a smile.

You can continue your theme by having your builder work in some fitted storage with doors and panelling to match the beams above. Whether it’s hidden wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, a home office set-up or a bespoke surround for your entertainment tech, isn’t it so exciting to see the whole idea taking shape in your mind’s eye?

Caring for Exposed Beams

If you are lucky enough to live in a property that was built around solid wood beams, you’ll usually find that these are crafted from oak. This species of timber calls for good care and maintenance to allow it to stand the test of time. Remember that wood is a natural material that is vulnerable to rot and disease so you must take the right steps to ensure your beams are adequately protected from drying and ageing. These steps will include applying an appropriate preservative treatment, but you should always take advice as to the right type of treatment to use.

You may find that your support beams are constructed from composite materials rather than solid wood. It is known for such beams to be carved with features like notches and nicks to make them look authentically aged. Like solid timber, composite beams also require treatment with purpose made solutions so that they do not disintegrate over time.

If you have decided to paint, stain or varnish your beams, whatever they are made of, you should apply the appropriate type of protection beforehand.

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