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4 Smart Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Loft Conversion

However, there are some smart ways that you can, at least, streamline the cost. Good planning and using a loft conversion specialist is key, and just because you’re being mindful of the cost of your loft conversion, you won’t need to scrimp on the final finish! Here are our expert tips for reducing the cost of your loft conversion without compromising the space:

1. Planning, Planning, Planning

Doing all of your planning well in advance of deciding to go for it will help to save as much money as possible. So what sort of things should homeowners consider when planning loft conversions and being mindful of the budget? Here are just a few considerations:

• How will your loft conversion be used? By asking yourself this, you can then decide how much head height you’ll need, and this will help to determine whether you’ll need a dormer window. By not having a dormer window, you’ll keep costs lower.

• Will you need plumbing in the loft and where will it be located? We’d always recommend including a bathroom in your loft conversion design where possible. However, good planning can help to keep costs low. In particular, if you can site pipework directly above that on the floor below, this will reduce your plumbing bill.

• Does your loft conversion need planning permission? Not all loft conversions require planning permission, but if yours does, it’s worth applying for it as early as possible, so that you can avoid costly delays to the build.

As with most things in life, planning goes a long way toward success, so it’s worth thinking as much of the build through as possible.

2. Project Manage your Loft Conversion Yourself

Now, this idea isn’t for the faint hearted, and it would be remiss of us as loft conversion specialists to say that project managing an attic conversion yourself is an easy task. However, it can make your loft conversion a little more economical.

You do need to be exactly clear on what needs to be done and when, have a timeline which you adhere to and make sure that all tradesmen are communicated with effectively. If you mismanage timeframes for deliveries and the like, it could end up costing you more money. However, if you’re good with time management, budgets, logistics and dealing with contractors, DIY project management of your loft conversion could work in your favour.

3. Get to grips with DIY

If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush, or able to tile a bathroom, then being able to carry out the finish to your interior yourself can be one way to reduce the overall cost of your conversion, as you won’t need to employ as many tradespeople.

However, if you’re less DIY and more DI-don’t, then using a loft conversion specialist company who are able to complete the project from the planning stage right through to the final finish could save you a lot of time and stress!

4. Use a Loft Conversion Specialist

Now we know that this may seem like a contradiction in terms, as you’ll be paying a loft conversion specialist for their expertise, but often this is worth its weight in gold. Specialist companies in loft conversions will often have access to trade discounts, wholesale suppliers and even tradespeople that they know, trust and work with regularly, all of which can reduce the cost of your loft conversion.

A specialist loft conversion company can also save you more than just money: they can save you plenty of heartache by tapping into their expertise and getting the build right the first time, which won’t lumber you with more expense or stress. If you’re ready to convert your loft in the most cost-effective manner, therefore, contact Bespoke Lofts for more details.

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