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Three Reasons to Create a Mezzanine Loft Conversion

Here are three great reasons to create a mezzanine level:

  1)   Extra Light   If you’re having work done to your house which means that the basic footprint will be altered, you may find yourself with a space that is suddenly lacking in light. This could be, for example, in the hallway and a great way to get light back into the space is to open the loft area up to a semi-open storage and mezzanine level.   

This way, by having the double ceiling height of your first floor and your loft floor open, you’ll be able to add skylights into the roof to flood the space with natural light.   

 2)   Maisonette-Style Living   Some excellent examples of mezzanines working to the max are those where a maisonette style living space is created. For example, when converting a top floor flat or the space above a shop or office unit.   

Although extra planning permission may be needed to create such a dwelling, by using a spiral staircase and having the mezzanine semi-enclosed for privacy, you’ll create a contained, split-level apartment with a trendy twist.   

 3)   A Design Statement   Let’s face it: one of the most fun reasons to fashion a mezzanine loft conversion is the design statement it creates. If you really want to give a more traditional home such as a cottage or barn conversion the wow factor, a mezzanine is a great idea.   

Think a sumptuous, free-standing roll top bath overlooking the master suite, or a suspended bedroom or library perched high above an open living space. They may sound dramatic, but drama is the look we’re going for, and they’ll really add something extra to your home.  

Considerations for Mezzanine Loft Conversions

  Remember that you should always consult an expert loft conversion company before carrying out any loft extension work, and this is especially true when creating a mezzanine level.   

There are certain rules and regulations you’ll need to take into account, such as the legal head height required for a habitable room, and any structural support required. If you fancy the idea of a to-die-for mezzanine, however, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We’ll be happy to add the wow factor to your loft conversion!  

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