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The Dormer Loft Conversion Enfield Homes Can Benefit From

Dormer Loft Conversion

There’s a reason that many people opt for a dormer loft conversion when extending into their attic: they give a good return in terms of gaining extra head height and usable space within the loft. But did you know there is more than one type of dormer loft conversion? When it comes to a dormer loft conversion, Enfield homeowners have a variety of different types to choose from. Let’s take a look.

Flat roof dormer

A flat roof dormer is the most popular and common type of dormer loft conversion and will be the type you will likely have seen when out and about in Enfield. A flat roof dormer is exactly as the name suggests: a box shape which protrudes from the roof with a flat roof which sits horizontally.

This type of dormer loft conversion is popular with many families, and when it comes to a loft conversion in Enfield, the homes of the North London borough are no exception. Families often need plenty of space to grow and to live comfortably, and in a borough like Enfield, where prices are high and the area is popular with families, it makes sense to buy a smaller property within your budget, then extend using a flat roof dormer to obtain a large amount of usable space within the loft.

Shed dormer

A shed dormer is similar to a flat roof dormer in that it can give a large amount of usable space. The difference is it has a sloping roof where the shed dormer’s eave line is parallel to the eave line of the roof.

This is a great way to add extra space but also add detail to the outside of your home. It can create visual height, exterior interest and also flood your new loft room with natural light. A shed dormer is a great design tip for Enfield homes if you need to keep the aesthetics of your property looking good and your dormer in character, as they look more like part of the overall design than a new addition.

Dog-house dormer

Enfield Loft Conversion

A dog-house dormer is a dormer window with two pitched sides to the roof, giving it the traditional shape of a dog house. This type of window can look very pretty, almost chocolate box-like, but often because of the size of a dog-house dormer, they won’t give you as much usable space.

However, if you need to keep your loft conversion in-keeping with the rest of your home, and would like to achieve a striking finish to the exterior look and feel, then this style of dormer window could be for you.

You may, however, be worried that the trade-off between the extra value added by this type of dormer window through kerb appeal could be offset by the lack of additional interior space. However, as a rule of thumb, all types of loft conversion can add value to your home overall, as any additional space is deemed valuable, especially in Enfield.

L-shaped dormer

The L-shaped dormer is a huge trend in loft conversions at the moment. And when it comes to a loft conversion Enfield homeowners can really grow into, the L-shaped conversion is hard to beat. This is because an L-shaped dormer has two parts which form an L-shape to give a large amount of habitable space within the loft build.

Many a home in Enfield can benefit from an L-shaped conversion, such as the popular terraced house. This is especially the case if the home has already been extended to the two storeys below, as the new L-shaped dormer can extend over the top of these to create a really pretty, usable conversion.

Don’t forget that you may also be able to add a small roof terrace to this type of conversion, which is particularly welcome by many a homeowner in Enfield who would like a little extra outdoor space.

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