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How to Get the Perfect Loft Conversion, London Style

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For many people who have spent any time living in London, the thought of moving away from the capital fills them with dread. But what happens when you need just that little bit more space? Your family has grown, your needs and hobbies have changed, you want a home office for your thriving young business... is the only option to gain more space in the city to move out of it? The answer is no! Loft conversions London wide have helped many people stay in their homes within the boundaries of Greater London by giving them extra space.

Why living in London works for so many people

Whether you live in north, east, south or west London, there’s always an area to suit you. And as the capital has so many great transport links nowadays, you can live on the outskirts of the city, where properties are often bigger, with more of a garden, more green space around them, and often more budget-friendly.

From terraced houses in east and north London through to semi-detached houses in the west and north-west, there is something to suit every budget and lifestyle. But what fits your budget and lifestyle at the point of purchase may not be what you want going forward, or even at that exact point in time. Sometimes, when it comes to property in London, we have to buy smaller and extend at a later point. And for many a London homeowner, that means adding a loft extension.

North London loft conversions

For those living in north London, there are undoubtedly perks to living in this area. Whether you live in Enfield, Palmers Green or one of the many other lovely areas of north London, the transport links into the city centre mean that you can be within central London within 45 minutes. Yet, you still have all of the greenery and sense of community that these north London areas have to offer.

Many families enjoy living in north London for these reasons. Loft conversions offer the element of extra space for many a north London home, and with average house prices sitting at around the £500,000 mark – and more besides for a larger family home – many families buy a smaller property than they need and then extend into the loft.

A loft conversion can mean that you can increase your property by potentially having a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom. Perfect, therefore, for a growing family.

East London loft conversions

East London is a rather trendy, up and coming area, and for many young families and professionals, it is the place to live. Leytonstone has that modern vibe, but a family home there will set you back upwards of £550,000. Similarly, Woodford Green is popular with many people, but you’ll find house prices within the same range here, too.

Therefore, whether you want a family home or something for a professional couple, you may decide to buy a smaller property and extend up into the loft. East London yet again offers great connections into the city centre, so why not add a home office to your loft space? These links give you the perfect balance between working in the office and working from home. Or if you own your own business and the eclectic, independent vibe of East London is where you find your customers, then adding a home study or a workshop to the top of your home could be just the motivation you need to grow your business.

Don’t forget that many a trendy young family loves this area too, so if a home office isn’t what you need, perhaps a principal suite and a nursery into the loft space are?

West London loft conversions

The likes of Acton, Chiswick and Ealing are the perfect garden suburbs of west London. The detached homes in these areas are already a good size for many families, but that’s not to say that you won’t want to extend. Whether you have a growing family or extended family that come to stay often, you won’t go far wrong by adding an extra bedroom within your loft space.

Similarly, detached family homes often lend themselves to the sort of lifestyle whereby you may wish to add a separate playroom or teenage hangout. Yes, the downstairs space is often turned into an open-plan, large family zone, but we all need our own space from time to time, and a loft conversion can offer this.

Whether you locate the children’s area in the loft or change up your other floors and move the adult space skywards is up to you. Talk to your loft conversion specialist about what will work best within your home and to meet your needs.

South London loft conversions

South London is another area filled with trendy pockets as well as plenty of leafy, riverside towns. This makes it great for families who love quirkiness and the great outdoors. Similarly, many young professionals move to London and settle in south London but then make it their home for many years to come, even when their circumstances change and their families grow.

However, it does push property prices very high, with many properties being towards or even over the one million pound mark for a family home. Obviously, this is a considerable amount of money, but as with all London homes, you can start smaller and extend upwards. A loft conversion can give you the option of buying something more economical and yet add to it to make your home exactly as you need it to be.

Ready for one of the loft conversions London homeowners love? Get in touch with Bespoke Lofts

Regardless of how you wish to create the perfect London home, a loft conversion from Bespoke Lofts can help. And it doesn’t have to be a home office, a playroom or a bedroom; London lifestyles, including gym workouts, craft rooms, and home cinemas, can all be accommodated within a loft conversion.

Get in touch today and see how we can help you to enjoy one of the many loft conversions London wide that we’ve created over the years.

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