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Ways to Create Headroom for Loft Conversions

Creating headroom within a loft conversion can be a quite important element of the overall transformation. If you’re extending your home upwards into the loft, you’ll want to ensure you’re creating a usable space. There are minimum requirements for headroom within an attic, and your conversion must have a ceiling height of at least 1.9m–2m. To achieve this, Leyton homeowners may wish to consider the following options.

1. Raise the Roof

One way to achieve extra head height for loft conversions Leyton wide is to raise the roof of the home. The maximum height measurement usually runs to the ridge of the roof. Therefore, you can achieve the needed space by increasing the elevation of the roof.

It is essential to be aware that this is not always a viable option, however, and your loft conversion expert should clearly explain all the pitfalls to you, including the possibility of planning issues.

2. Lower the Ceilings Below

If you can’t raise the roof, you may be able in some circumstances to lower the ceilings of the rooms below. This structural modification can be quite a complicated process, so you’ll need the expertise of experienced loft conversion specialists.

The process involves removing the ceilings from the lower floor and adding a plate at the correct level. Afterwards, the new floor is then ready for construction at the new height, before the ceilings are replaced below. By using a specialist loft conversion company, you will find there’s minimum disruption to your home and all structural work will be carried out safely.

3. Use Thinner Insulation

If you only lack a small amount of headroom, then an easy solution for creating more space is to use thinner layers of insulation. The traditional layer of insulation is around 25cm thick, which can eat into the headroom of your attic conversion. However, modern loft conversions Leyton wide are using effective alternatives to maximise space and, at the same time, ensure thermal efficiency.

This system is a relatively straightforward way of gaining extra headroom, so why not discuss it with your loft conversion specialists? It should also help you achieve increased energy efficiency too.

How Loft Conversions Leyton Wide can Gain headroom

If you are looking to convert the loft in your Leyton home but are worried about whether you’ll have enough headroom, talk to Bespoke Lofts. We can guide you through your options to see what would work best for you and your property. Don’t be put off by a lack of head height; we can help you to achieve the maximum space within your new loft room.

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