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Loft Conversion Ideas to Deal With Awkward Spaces

Loft Conversion Ideas - Roof Alcoves and Eaves space

Many people are put off converting their loft due to the awkward spaces the nooks and crannies under the roof can produce. But really, these should be seen as part of the charm of an attic conversion. When all of the space is looked at as a whole - and a loft build specialist is used to convert it - you can make these areas into something both functional and beautiful.
Here are some of our favourite loft conversion ideas UK homeowners have used to make the most of their alcoves, recesses and eaves.

Eaves storage

Eaves storage is one of the best and easiest ways to use up the space created as the roof's sloping ceilings head down towards the floor. This space isn't ordinarily full head height, so it can be awkward to site much underneath it. But this doesn't mean it is redundant. Ask your contractor to create bespoke eaves storage for your new room.
This additional storage could be a fitted cupboard for the area under the eaves, ready to store bedding and towels in a new guest bedroom, for example, or files and stationery essentials in a home study. Another use is storage for seasonal items that would have otherwise been displaced from the loft when the roof build took place.

Alcove shelves

Alcoves and recesses are a great place to create open shelves, regardless of where they are in a home. Within an attic conversion, you'll often find that the chimney's culmination will produce some interesting alcoves within the loft. Rather than see these as an issue, or go about the complicated, time-consuming and expensive process of completely removing the chimney, use the space for open shelving.
This is especially useful in a home study, such as storing files or supplies or within a playroom to keep the kids' paraphernalia in check. If you don't want everything out in the open, then you could use cute baskets and boxes to hide the clutter.

Careful placement of fixtures and fittings

You don't have to use your nooks and crannies for storage; you can also use them to frame certain areas and site fixtures and fittings.
For example, bathtubs can be placed under the eaves, as these do not need full head height in the same way that a shower cubicle would. And beds can be placed in chimney breast recesses to make the most of the awkward space whilst also framing the bed to create a focal point.

Use them for practicalities

As un-glamourous as it may sound, all homes have areas where we need to prioritise the practicalities of day to day living.
For example, in a loft conversion bathroom, a small area at the bottom of the eaves can be used to house a basket full of toilet rolls, a basket of fresh linen and maybe even some loo-side reading!
If you have an awkward but tall recess in a bedroom, why not use it for coat storage, or to hang up dressing gowns, for example? These may not be the most exciting ideas, but they will mean that you're not using up precious space elsewhere. With clever interior design ideas, you could actually make these areas look and feel prettier than they need to be.

Create an area for YOU!

Chimney breasts may be awkward, the way they protrude into a room. But why not use this space to make something just for YOU?
You could use it to create an entertainment centre, with a wall-mounted TV or cinema projector screen, or maybe hang a mirror and create a dressing table. However you choose to use the space, don't be afraid to make it a focal point and a usable space.

Ready for more loft conversion ideas UK homeowners love? Get in contact with Bespoke Lofts

Regardless of how you intend to use the alcoves, recesses and eaves in your new loft conversion, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. As a loft build specialist, we can help you make the most of your space and give you plenty of loft conversion ideas UK homeowners love. Let us show you how to love all your nooks and crannies!

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