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Loft Conversions in Unusual Places

Loft conversions aren’t just the preserve of the regular semi-detached house. There are plenty of unusual places that you can add a loft conversion, and ways that you can use an attic conversion to give you more space within your home, regardless of the type of home that you have. From a loft conversion as part of a garage conversion through to a barn conversion attic build, there are lots of great properties out there which can benefit from the added space that a loft conversion can provide.

1. Barn conversion

If you’re a fan of Channel 4’s Grand Designs, you’ll know all about barn conversions. A popular way to convert disused farm buildings into a habitable space, often barn conversions are completed in such a way that the interior space is open plan, from floor to roof. However, if you can be more traditional with the layout if you so wish.

By traditional, we mean converting it the barn into a two-storey dwelling, whereby the space under the eaves becomes valuable and usable living space: bedrooms, bathrooms, a home office, etc. This is effectively the same as creating a loft conversion in a traditional home.

The great thing about a barn conversion with a liveable loft space under the eaves is that the dimensions are often huge, so your room proportions can be generous. You can also include the likes of picture windows on gable ends, if you so wish, to make the most of any views which barn conversions often benefit from. And if you live in a conversation area, fear not: there are even ways that sympathetic loft conversions can be undertaken to work within the rules and regulations stipulated by conservation areas.

2. Garage conversion

If you've got a detached garage – or even a semi-detached garage with a generous pitched roof space – you may be able to convert the space under the eaves into something usable.

A loft conversion above a garage, if generous enough, can make a great piece of self-contained additional accommodation. This works well if you want to take in lodgers, create an annexe for family members or even use the space as a holiday let, especially when combined with a complete garage conversion to the lower floor of the garage itself.

If you don’t want to create self-contained living accommodation, you could use your new garage conversion in the traditional way. Perhaps your new room will be a home office, or it could be an art studio or a craft space. Whatever you decide to use your new space for, a garage conversion can be an excellent way of gaining space in what would have otherwise been an unusable part of the home.

3. Loft studio flat

Flats with loft space can often use the space within the eaves to create a self-contained studio. This is perfect if you wish to create either self-contained lodgings for a relative – perhaps an elderly parent or an adult child – or if you wish to rent the new property within the loft for some extra income.

4. Outhouse and garden room lofts

If you’re adding a studio, workroom, garden room or outhouse to your garden or grounds, why not think about including some loft space within the new structure?

You may be able to build one which just has enough space for a little cubby in the loft (perfect as a reading nook or chill out space, especially if you've got great views across your land!). Otherwise, the space could be used purely as storage. Bookcases accessed by a ladder, for example, make a great little library in such a space.

This type of garden building is also a great space for a home office, or for starting a craft industry from home. The additional space created from a small loft conversion within the eaves can prove very valuable in these instances.

5. Holiday Lodge

If you’re looking to build a brand new holiday lodge, or convert an existing structure into holiday accommodation, consider including a small loft space or second storey, as this will give you an additional bedroom to let.

Even the smallest of cottages, log cabins and holiday lodges can include a second storey under the eaves with a bit of imagination. This works really well if you want to have a double bedroom on the ground floor for the adults and a twin bedroom upstairs for the children.

Garage conversion, barn conversion or loft studio? Bespoke Lofts can help!

Ready to create a garage conversion? Or perhaps you’re undertaking a barn conversion? No matter what type of loft conversion space you wish to create, being creative can make it work for you. Speak to Bespoke Lofts today; with our experience and expertise, we’ll help you to transform even the most unusual of spaces.

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