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How to Avoid a Bad Dormer Loft Conversion

At the mention of a dormer window, many homeowners start to shy away from a loft conversion. It’s true that over the years, the humble dormer has been given a bad name as a bit of an eyesore, dumped onto loft conversions to give a bit of extra head height. However, by evading a few simple mistakes it is possible to achieve dormer loft conversions Woodford Green homeowners will truly appreciate.

Avoid Leaks

One of the biggest problems homeowners with loft conversions contend with is a leaky dormer window. However, we shouldn’t tar every dormer with the same brush. If you have a Woodford Green specialist loft conversion company carry out the work, you shouldn’t have any problems with a leaky dormer.

The key aspects to keeping your dormer watertight are excellent insulation all around, sufficient drainage and guttering, and a professional, smart finish to the exterior tiling and flashing.

Exterior Aesthetics

The reason that dormers have got a bad reputation as an eyesore is due to the fact that they often look as if they have just been stuck onto the exterior of the loft with no thought for the overall look of the property. The simple way to get around this is to ask your architect to design your loft conversion with a sympathetic dormer window.

Did you know that there are a variety of dormer styles available? These include:

Gabled, with a pitched roof.
Shed, with a sloping, straight roof.
Flat, the traditional box dormer.
Hipped, which has a pitched roof on both sides and at the front.
Eyebrow, which is an arched dormer window.
Segmental, a square sided dormer window but with an arched roof.

Remember to choose something that won’t overpower your home, and which will add to its overall look. Quirky windows can work to add a contemporary twist, but don’t add a modern looking dormer to a period Woodford Green property, for example.

Finishing Touches

As with most things, it’s the little finishing touches which can really set apart dormer windows and loft conversions. This can include good quality tiling or cladding. If you opt for the latter, we would suggest plastic cladding in order to cut down on maintenance. Choose a light grey or a slate colour to match your roof tiles, rather than a white, which will get grubby quickly (and remember that it’s surprisingly difficult to clean a structure attached to your roof!).

If you like the idea of a dormer window, don’t be put off. There are many modern ways that you can incorporate a dormer into your loft conversion, which will give you problem-free head height. The key is using a specialist loft conversion company. Contact Bespoke Lofts today to see how we can help to get your dormer right in Woodford Green.

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