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Loft Conversion Storage Solutions for your Essex Home

Loft Conversion Storage Solutions for your Essex Home

The amount of items that need to be stored in Essex houses escalates year by year as families grow and acquire more things. Often thoughts turn towards the loft, a dead space in many homes. What should be remembered is that the loft floor was not originally built to take additional weight, so boarding on top of the current joists is not advisable. 

Loft conversions, Essex wide, whether simply for storage of for other purposes, really need to be undertaken by professionals. That way, as well as having confidence about the weight bearing, you don’t have to worry about items that could be damaged by severe cold or heat either. Your loft will be properly insulated and protected from the extreme temperatures associated with an enclosed space without proper ventilation. 

Loft Conversions Essex Homeowners Love 

When awkward spaces under the eaves are the result of loft conversions, Essex residents are not unhappy, because these are ideal for storage. All it takes is some creative design to develop bespoke cupboards, drawers and shelving and things can be tucked out of sight or left to adorn the shelves for an aesthetically pleasing effect. Best of all, they leave the centre area of the room for you to make use of in different ways. 

Combining Storage with a Children’s Room 

Have you thought of moving a child’s bedroom up there? Children love an unusual bedroom design such as one in which a bunk bed sits on top of storage cabinets and drawers and is reached by climbing up some of the drawer handles. Of course these would be specially made and strong enough for the purpose. Youngsters are especially keen when it leaves lots of open space for playing or lounging about with their friends. 

This is just one idea that would give more space for storage. There are many different plans that have been executed in loft conversions Essex homeowners have found to be the perfect solution for their storage problems. 

Solutions for Loft Conversions Essex Guests Welcome 

Even the loft space doesn’t have to always be on one level. Depending on the type of loft conversion you opt for, you might be able have a mezzanine area to add extra space for a library of books, or perhaps a guest bed. Imagine this over the top of a sealed off compact en-suite. The stairs to reach it could be wooden storage containers in different sizes. 

At Bespoke Lofts, we will always take time to find out exactly what would suit the family and lifestyle of our customers, and agree custom made solutions for their storage problems to be included in their loft conversions. Contact us today to arrange your free initial consultation.

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