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No Need to Leave East London: Get a Loft Conversion

No Need to Leave East London: Get a Loft Conversion 

London is full of creative loft conversions. East London is no exception. With moving house becoming such an expensive and stressful option, residents know that they need to look for other options for solving their space problems. The most popular seems to be moving up rather than moving out, and they get the roof space converted. 

Examples of Popular Loft Conversions, East London Wide 

There are many ways of planning and using loft conversions. East London artists recognise that, with an emphasis of bringing in enough natural light, the highest part of the house makes an ideal studio. Looking down on the world distances them from the anxieties of their daily lives, and brings out their muse in a way that can only happen in such a dedicated space.  

Perhaps you worked really hard to get enough money to buy a retail business and couldn’t afford to buy a separate home, so you and your family live above the shop. Over the years the family has expanded and the children grown, but you all love your home and your local friends and neighbours, as well as not having to travel to work. You don’t want to move away but really need more rooms to spread into. Putting a couple of extra rooms into the loft will be the ideal answer. This is where loft conversions East London wide really come into their own. 

Maybe you were a first time buyer and could only afford a small house. You’d really like to add some value to it before you move on. Loft conversions can add up to 20% to the value of a home. 

Getting it Done Right 

Of course any work on your loft will have to satisfy building regulations, so homeowners need to commission experts in loft conversions. East London specialist builders will understand the rules and be prepared for building inspections. These will typically look at the floor and the joists and beams, the walls, doors and stairs, and how all these will affect fire and other safety risks. 

The contractors will also need to prove that they have looked at whether the foundations of the house will be able to cope with the additional load that the loft conversion will add to the house. 

They will also need to consider the load bearing capacity of any beams or lintels that have already been added in any previous modifications to the house. These type of considerations need to be done by professionals so it’s wise to look for specialist builders who have plenty of experience of loft conversions. East London has many converted lofts that reputable contractors can give as examples of their work. 

At Bespoke Lofts we will happily show you our past work with a visit to our own custom built loft conversions East London wide. There is probably one on your doorstep we can show you. We’re here for inspiration and offer the complete service. Contact us to get your project started.

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