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Why you Should Consult a Loft Conversion Specialist

Why you Should Consult a Loft Conversion Specialist

A decision to move house is an invitation to fairly long term stress and expense. If you are settled in a comfortable home surrounded by friends and good neighbours, with children’s schools close by and their friends too, why do you need to move? Often it’s because the house is bursting at the seams and can’t accommodate the growing family and its lifestyle. 

What Else Could you Do? 

Before you make the decision to move, you should consult a loft conversion specialist. While there may be some stress involved in making over the loft, it will quickly be over and done with. The stress levels can’t compare with having to dress your home for viewings for however long it takes to get an offer, deal with estate agents, surveyors and solicitors and find a house you’d like to buy. 

That, of course, has to be bigger than yours and will therefore cost significantly more than you want to pay, and perhaps more than your mortgage lender wants to advance. What you will find out from a loft conversion specialist is that the relatively small investment needed for a loft conversion will both give you the extra space you need and add up to 20% to the value of your property. The cost can often be covered by a home improvement loan added to your mortgage, and it should be much easier to finance. 

A Loft Conversion Specialist Will Give Good Advice 

Find yourself a recommended contractor with a professional loft conversion specialist who will inspect your loft and consider how it can be changed to get the extra room or rooms you need. You might be surprised at the questions you are asked and the wealth of suggestions that follow. They will cover the size of the rooms and their height; whether the roof height is sufficient or could be raised; how to get some natural light into the space via roof lights or dormers; what the storage options will be, and so on.  

The loft conversion specialist will also have knowledge about whether local planners will allow the roof line to be raised and what you will need planning permission for. The various planning authorities have different rules and priorities but a professional will be sure to get familiar with these before the visit. You’ll be far better off with new rooms built by a loft conversion specialist company. 

Bespoke Lofts is such a company. We offer a free initial consultation and many years of extensive experience. To chat through your project, please get in touch.

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