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Think Ahead with your Loft Conversion Ideas

Think Ahead with your Loft Conversion Ideas

When you decide to convert your loft space into one or more rooms it’s usually to add a specific type of room that you don’t have space for in the house as it is. But before you brief your contractor about that, you would be wise to think about future years, and whether your needs for the space will change. Then you can discuss how to set things up so that the changes can be easily and economically accomplished when the time comes. 

Loft Conversion Ideas for What you Want Now 

It could be just a guest bedroom that you want. If your family is growing, your loft conversion ideas may encompass an additional bedroom that you can move the eldest child into. Then you’ll have a room downstairs that can accommodate a nursery for a new baby, or a growing youngster who has been sharing and really needs a room of his own. Perhaps you want a playroom tucked away in the loft to keep the children’s clutter and noisy games out of your tranquil living area. Or maybe you’d like to add a study or home office but currently have no space for it. 

Loft Conversion Ideas for What you Might Want in the Future 

As the children grow up, so your family needs change. The toys are neglected and the playroom becomes the children’s TV room or where they entertain their friends. They don’t want to keep coming downstairs and hassle you for their own bathroom and perhaps a kitchenette so you could factor these points into your loft conversion ideas. 

When children start to leave home and lead their grown up lives, you acquire more and more spare rooms. What you really need is a place to store all the items they have left behind but might want in the future. Or you might think of taking a lodger with a self-contained, compact apartment in your loft to bring you an extra income through your twilight years.  

If you are thinking of retiring, will you need that home office, or could the loft space be better used? If your earlier loft conversion ideas have considered all the relevant future aspects, and been taken on board by your loft conversion builders, it won’t be too difficult or expensive to make the changes. 

How to Make it Easy to Change 

One of the most important elements is making sure you’ll have access to the water and power you might need at a later date, so attention should be paid to the pipes and wiring needed. There are also lots of opportunities to bring natural light into the area, and your loft conversion ideas should cover the lighting needs for all the eventualities.  

Discussing everything with your contractors up front will ensure they cover all that will be needed. Bespoke Lofts are specialists in loft conversions and pay great attention to the initial stages, offering inspiration and plenty of loft conversion ideas to get your imagination going. To discuss your project, please get in touch.

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