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What Kind of House Extension Suits your East London Home?

What Kind of House Extension Suits your East London Home?

London has a multitude of different types of house extensions. East London, like many areas of the metropolis, has a great mix of house styles on its streets. Different house styles lend themselves to different types of extensions.  

Adding Space to a Terraced Home

 If you live in a terraced house, a large extension has to be at the back. The only thing you are likely to add at the front could be a new porch, but even this will have its uses. It will help to keep the heat in during the winter while in summer it will help keep a south facing hallway from overheating in the sun. If it is wide enough, it will also provide storage space for coats and footwear, and perhaps the children’s outdoor toys.  

When back extensions are added, planners must consider the whole ground floor layout, and make sure that plenty of light is brought into existing room areas via the house extensions. East London residents have sometimes neglected this aspect to their detriment. A long back addition often leaves an alleyway to one side so that windows can be included, but nowadays there are plenty of other options for bringing in the natural light that enhances a modern home, such as sky lights and glass roofs. Your contractor should make sure that the design has taken this into consideration.  

Enhancing a Semi or a Detached House 

If your home is detached or semi-detached, you have lots more options in house extensions. East London owners of these kinds of homes might find it even more difficult to decide how to fulfil their dreams of additional living space. Some decide to go out at one side, others might do that and wrap the extension round the back as well. They might choose a single storey extension with a flat roof or extend on two levels and add a pitched roof to blend in with the main one on the house. Several additional rooms can be added in this way. 

If there is a garage on one side, rooms could be added above it. A spacious extra bedroom and bathroom here make the ideal guest suite, or a more private living area for a growing teenager.  

These are among the most common reasons for wanting house extensions. East London is full of houses with bits added on. If they have been well designed and completed to a high quality standard, it can be difficult to see where some of them have been extended. Other extensions have been planned to be different, using modern environmentally-friendly materials and radical ideas.  

There is sure to be a style that fits your taste and your lifestyle and the specialist house extension division at Bespoke Lofts will help you find it. Get in touch and get your project started.

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