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Helping Your Home Inspiration with House Extension Ideas

Helping Your Home Inspiration with House Extension Ideas

Planning an extension for your home can be a really exciting exercise. Some people know exactly why they want it and therefore what they want it to do for them. Others just feel they need more space and an extension might therefore be a good idea. In that case you’ll need to put a little more consideration into how the extra space might be put to good use and think up some house extension ideas.  

It’s advisable to have at least a few ideas of your own before appointing a contractor for the job, then the best builders will discuss and agree them with you before they get an architect involved to produce the right design. 

How the Space Will Be Used

So what house extension ideas would suit you? Do you want more space for a family kitchen diner? Then everyone can gather together to eat, and the children could be doing homework at the kitchen, and your other half pouring you a drink and chatting about your day while you are preparing the meal. Or the other way around, of course. 

Perhaps you could do with a playroom for the children to keep your lounge tidy and comfortable for the adults in the family, and store their toys out of everyone’s way. Maybe the children are getting too old to share bedrooms so you need extra rooms for that. Some homeowners need a cloakroom or shower room added to the ground floor, or have house extension ideas for a granny flat addition. 

The Best Type of Extension for your Home 

What you’d like it to do for you will inform the way your house extension ideas must be translated into a design. It will also dictate whether a ground floor extension will suffice or you will need a double storey one. Should it be a back or side extension or a wrap around one? What kind of roof do you have in mind, a flat roof or a pitched one? Knowing what you want it for will tell you whether natural light will be needed and what sort of windows will be appropriate. 

You home extension will give you and your family a more practical and pleasant living experience if you have thought it through thoroughly enough to give a good brief to your architect and contractor. And whatever your house extension ideas, a well-designed, high quality extension can easily add more value to your house than it will cost you to get it built.  

Bespoke Lofts have a specialist division that deals with the building of your house extension. Ideas are aplenty thanks to their extensive experience and innovation. If you’d like to discuss yours, get in touch. A free initial consultation is offered.

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