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Factors that Influence House Extension Cost

Factors that Influence House Extension Cost

If you are thinking about having an extension built on your house, you will want to know how much it’s going to cost you. The first element in the price should always be the cost of the architect’s design. Missing out this step could be a really expensive mistake.  

A truly reputable building company will not start work without this, but will have good working relationships with local architects they can trust to deliver what their customers want. To add value to your property and fulfil your dreams of a beautifully extended home, the builders will help you come up with a brief for the architect to achieve exactly that, and they will allow for the cost of this in their quotation for the work to be done.  

Types of House Extension 

There are, of course, many other factors that will influence the overall house extension cost. The type and size of the extension is just one of them. Do you just want a single storey extension into your back garden? Do you want a fairly narrow side extension added to an end terrace house? Perhaps you are thinking of a wraparound extension that goes in two directions. Some people like to add more space to an existing extension by moving a side wall to use up the alleyway at the side. 

A two storey extension is another option and this kind of larger project will significantly change the house and add much more value. The house extension cost will be greater, although it’s worth recognising that the cost per square metre lessens as the size grows.  

If you have a garage at the side of the house, you may be thinking of adding another storey above it. This can be a great idea, but bear in mind that the garage was not initially built to bear the extra load. In fact, to make it safe and comply with building regulations, it may have to be completely rebuilt as part of the works, and the house extension cost will have to reflect this. 

Other Elements in the House Extension Cost 

The style of roof you choose is one of these, as are the materials selected for the job. Using block and rendering instead of brickwork for the outside walls could be good for the budget. The windows you choose and the interior finish materials must all be taken into consideration. Ground levels and drainage are important aspects too, as they might mean extra work is necessary. Your contractor will have to know about all this before being able to give you a fully itemised quotation for your house extension cost. 

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