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Loft Conversion Ideas to Light up Your Home

With any home improvement project, using lighting effects to create the perfect atmosphere can work wonders. An attic conversion is no exception, and so it’s important to think about your lighting scheme as part of your loft conversion ideas from the outset. 

No matter what the eventual use of your new room, by incorporating clever lighting effects, both natural and artificial, into your loft conversion ideas your new space will be welcoming, homely and highly usable. 

Maximising Natural Light 

Choosing your loft windows wisely is the best way to maximise natural light within your new room. 

Natural light loft conversion ideas include roof windows, the most common window to install in a loft conversion, and dormer windows. Roof windows, or skylights, look stunning when grouped together, but do not add extra roof height, so you may prefer a dormer window if this is allowed. 

You may also consider a gable end window if you have an exterior wall to one end, and don’t neglect stairwells either. The likes of light tunnels can be incorporated as part of your loft conversion ideas to brighten up otherwise dark areas. 

Create Mood Lighting 

Thought should also be put into your artificial lighting scheme. Think carefully about how the new space will be used before instructing your electricians to carry out your lighting loft conversion ideas. It’s easy to jump in with the obvious and overlook the more unusual, but perhaps more beneficial, lighting scheme. 

Spotlights can be fitted to any flat roof space, and wall sconces can be used on gable ends, whereas if you have exposed beams you may wish to use directional spotlights incorporated into the beams. Similarly, small spotlights can even be built into the skirting boards giving a wonderfully glamorous feel to a walk in wardrobe or home cinema room. 

If the room is going to be a bedroom, you may wish to consider adding built-in bedside lights, whereas floor standing lamps look wonderful in a study environment and can be easily changed if and when you decide to redecorate. 

No matter what your loft conversion ideas may be, there is a lighting scheme to suit your needs. Talk to your contractors from the outset to ensure you get the best from your new room.

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