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Loft Conversion Ideas to Maximise Head Height

One of the biggest concerns for anyone about to embark on a loft conversion is whether the space they will have at the end of the project will be worth it. Head height is an important consideration, but it isn’t something that can’t be overcome if necessary. With some clever loft conversion ideas, the space can be maximised.   

Adding a Dormer Window for Extra Space   

The most common way of adding extra space, and extra head height, within a loft conversion is by incorporating a dormer window into your loft conversion ideas.    

This is the square window which protrudes from the roof, sometimes in a ‘chocolate box’ style with a sloping roof, but most commonly with a flat roof. The flat roof variety will normally give you a great amount of added space to your loft room including enough head height to stand upright at the window.    

As an alternative to the traditional dormer window, why not choose one of the new style Velux windows, which open out into a small Juliette balcony, as seen on Sarah Beeny’s Double Your House For Half The Money? This way, you’ll almost get the feel of outdoor space within your new room. 

Lower Ceilings Below, or Raise the Roof   

Lowering the ceiling of the room below or raising the roof may seem like a drastic measure, but these solutions are often incorporated into people’s loft conversion ideas to make the most of the space in the new attic room.   

In some older properties, the ceiling height in the rooms below maybe up to 3m, and so this space can be lowered to create extra head height above, provided there is at least 2.4m head height in the original rooms still.   

Alternatively, subject to planning permission, the existing roof may be raised, either in part or in full, to accommodate more head height in the new room.   

Create a Stylish Mezzanine Level   

Gone are the days of boring, bog standard loft conversion ideas: if you want to incorporate some drama within your design, why not use the space under the eaves, which is traditionally used for storage, to create a mezzanine gallery looking onto the room below?   

Alternatively, you could create a split level room with the use of a mezzanine. How about a super chic en suite bathroom created within a mezzanine loft conversion? Loft conversion ideas such as this are an excellent alternative to a full attic conversion when head height is limited.

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