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Find Inspiration and Loft Conversion Ideas in Bespoke Lofts’ Online Gallery

Converting a loft can be a daunting prospect; it can be difficult to imagine the finished result when all you have to go on is a dark, dusty unused space. To help Bespoke Lofts’ clients, and to provide a visual tool to help with loft conversion ideas, we offer an online gallery that’s full of useful images to help turn those ideas into a reality. 

Find Inspiration

Whether or not our clients have a fixed use for their loft conversion in mind, our loft conversion ideas gallery provides real inspiration to see what’s possible.  Loft conversion ideas can range from an additional bedroom to a home office or children’s area. Whatever the idea, our vast experience that we’ve gained in over 20 years has given us the experience of creating spaces of all sizes and for all uses. 

Picture It

For many people plans are not a reality until they can be visualised. Although it is not possible to see an individual project until completion it can really help to see loft conversion ideas in similar styles and eras of properties. Our online gallery can really help with this visualisation. We take a great deal of photographs before, during and after the conversion process to help our future clients visualise their own loft conversion ideas at the planning process.  

Getting the Lighting Right

The one question that all loft conversion clients have is about light and will there be enough? The answer is of course yes, but only with the right planning. Our online gallery shows light flooding in to loft conversions and exactly how that has been achieved.  Seeing different lighting and window options really helps bring loft conversion ideas to life.  Loft conversion ideas become a reality with a gallery of loft conversions. Click here to browse ours.

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