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Top Five Loft Conversion Ideas from Bespoke Lofts

The biggest driver for moving home is to gain more space; up and down the country the need for more liveable space tops the wish lists of most home owners.  

Rather than moving home the answer for many is a loft conversion, gaining useable space without taking it away from anywhere else such as a side return or back garden. Popularity of loft conversions has grown in leaps and bounds.  

If you’re considering converting your loft here are our top five loftconversion ideas

1.    Additional bedroom: Top of the chart for loft conversion ideas has to be the additional bedroom. Opening up the loft can mean a sizeable additional bedroom that could be a worthy master bedroom or guest suite. 

 2.    Play room: As families grow, so too does the amount of toys, games, books and general clutter. Many families choose to convert their loft space to accommodate a play room. As children grow, the room can be modified to cater for changing requirements. 

 3.    Home office: Here at Bespoke Lofts we’ve seen a rise in the number of clients who work from home. Having a dedicated home office is one of the easiest ways of ensuring a home working environment that’s free from distraction and the comings and goings of general family life. A home office housed at the top of the house is one of the most practical loft conversion ideas for many home workers. 

4.    Craft room or studio: A studio, bathed in natural light from the roof of the home, is one of the loft conversion ideas that is snapped up by artists and designers who are in need of a useable, dedicated working space. It’s also perfect for those who are hoping to turn a hobby into a serious source of income.     

 5.    Home gym space: This line of loft conversion ideas is not just for the New Year resolution gang! Having a home gym can be the motivator that many people need to stick to an exercise routine.  

Wherever your loft conversion ideas have stemmed from, we can make them a reality. Get in touch with our planners to see where your ideas could lead.

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