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Kitchen Extensions London: Adding Value to Homes

The kitchen really is the heart of the home and it’s the one room in the house that most people would love to have extended. Rather than just being a place to cook and eat it is fast becoming one of the most important rooms in a house.

Television property guru Phil Spencer believes that if there is only one room that is going to be improved in a house, it should be the kitchen. In his book Adding Value to Your Home he states that the kitchen has become “the showpiece area of the home.” With this in mind more and more people are opting for kitchen extensions in London homes to not only create a larger working kitchen space but to make room for entertaining and living too.

Extra Space Means Extra Profit

Adding living space to a home is one of the safest ways of adding value to a property. Extending a kitchen to create a larger space can add between 10-20% onto the value of a property in London while in the rest of the UK the value is believed to be between 15-20%. The value of a new kitchen can also add between 10-20% onto the value of homes in London and between 5-7% elsewhere.

Since 2008 some ground floor extensions can be built without the need for planning permission making kitchen extensions in London an easier option to add versatile space to the home and value to the property.

Dream Kitchens Made a Reality

For any kind of home improvements it’s essential to choose the services of a home renovation expert. For kitchen extensions, London based professionals Bespoke Lofts offer a service that begins with initial ideas and planning right through to construction and completion. Bespoke Lofts has over 20 years’ experience and has gained a reputation for excellent workmanship and customer service.

To start the proceedings for a dream kitchen contact Bespoke Lofts to arrange a free initial consultation and detailed written estimate.

Figures from Savills research

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