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Advice on Planning a Loft Conversion in London

Are you planning a loft conversion in London? Are you rapidly growing out of your home but don’t want the expense and upheaval of moving house? Perhaps you love your house but crave a little extra space.

Loft conversions are fast becoming one of the most sought after services for many builders. With the cost of moving home too restrictive for many, undertaking a loft conversion in London, or the surrounding areas, is a perfect solution to a space problem.

Add Space and Value with a Loft Conversion in London

By utilising the extra, unused room at the top of your house you will be adding not only vital additional space but also increasing the value of your home significantly too. Adding space to a house is a reliable way of adding value but it also saves money on costly house moves too. With all this in mind it’s no surprise that so many city homeowners are opting for a loft conversion in London.

Loft Conversions: What Do You Use Yours For?

A loft conversion in London can be put to excellent use for anything, including:

  • An extra bedroom
  • A dressing room and ensuite
  • An office that’s perfect for home workers who need some peace from the rest of the house
  • A playroom for children to escape to and the overspill of toys to be stored in
  • An exercise room
  • A studio or darkroom
  • A den or hideaway for grown up children

The choices for a loft conversion in London are limitless. Given that space can be very large in some lofts, many homeowners have a complete change-about in their home and install a loft kitchen. The decision really is yours.

Bespoke Lofts: Loft Conversion in London Experts

Regardless of what you want your loft conversion in London for, it’s essential you choose a reputable builder to complete the work and adhere to any planning permissions that may be required.

Bespoke Lofts has over 20 years’ experience. Our online gallery shows some of the stunning loft conversions we have planned, designed and finished. If you are considering a loft conversion in London, call us today on 0800 783 9456 to book your free consultation.

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