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Behind the scenes of Channel 4’s Latest Property Programme!

Local Essex company Bespoke Lofts was recently featured on the inspirational new Channel 4 TV series, Double Your House for Half the Money.

The TV series featuring presenter Sarah Beeny sets out to prove that anyone can have the home they’ve always dreamed about even if they can’t afford to buy it. Sarah Beeny shows how by extending, converting or performing a face lift, even the most modest property can become a fabulous new home.

Bespoke Lofts, who have had their Buckhurst Hill based family business for over 20 years, was featured in the recent Channel 4 programme in October. A stunning loft conversion that was built by Bespoke Lofts in Chingford was shown as inspiration for the Rigler family who were looking to extend into their loft.

Marc Loppas, owner of Bespoke Lofts, told how Channel 4 contacted him after they searched for photographs of loft conversions on the internet. “Channel 4 specifically wanted to showcase properties that could demonstrate how to unlock the potential of space within a loft. We have worked on hundreds of properties, but they really loved the Chingford property as it captured the vast space and different potential uses that a loft can have. We always strive to build to the utmost quality and this fitted in with what Channel 4 were looking for.”

Marc agrees with the premise of the new TV series. “We’ve certainly seen our business grow in recent years and I’m sure that this is partly because people want to improve and modify their current properties rather than spend huge amounts of money on moving. Customers are also keen to add value to their property whilst utilising the most effective amount of space.”

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