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London Loft Conversion Could Save You Money

In many parts of the UK, property prices are continuing to struggle. As a result, many homeowners are choosing to stay put, converting their lofts into extra rooms to save on space. Across London, loft conversion companies are seeing increases in business as residents choose to find cheaper solutions for acquiring larger properties.

Recent research has suggested a rise in vendors choosing to remove their properties from the market in order to spend money on improvements. A London loft conversion can be a real asset to a home, helping residents to avoid the cost of moving, and adding up to 10% on a property’s value.

New Regulations Bring Relief for Your London Loft Conversion

The new regulations which came into force on 1st October 2011 have made it easier than ever for residents to extend their homes in London. Loft conversion installations and home extensions can now be carried out efficiently with even less need to obtain permissions from local councils. An estimated 80,000 households have now been spared the need to seek planning permissions, saving them up to £1000 in costs.

Research has also found that around a fifth of UK homeowners are planning to carry out major structural work on their properties. In 2011, around 5.3 million homeowners made structural changes to their houses.

Homeowner in London? Loft Conversion Companies Give Valuable Advice

When considering a London loft conversion, residents are advised to seek help from specialists regarding building regulations. Without specialist advice, many homeowners get stuck when trying to complete a loft conversion, as the necessary checks have not been carried out. This has left many with expensive storage space rather than an extra bedroom, and London loft conversion companies are keenly aware of the difficulties when putting things right.

London loft conversion companies will ensure that five basic safety precautions have been adhered to when planning structural work:

  • Stability – Are the property’s load-bearing walls and ceiling joints up to the job?
  • Fire resistance – Are the new stairs enclosed with a fire resistant door?
  • Access – Can the conversion be easily entered and exited in an emergency?
  • Weather resistance – Can the loft walls and roof keep out the elements?
  • Ventilation – Is the loft conversion able to be circulated with clean air?

Speak to Bespoke About Your London Loft Conversion

Bespoke Lofts have over twenty years of experience designing London loft conversion installations in many types of property. Members of the Federation of Master Builders, Bespoke offer in-depth advice on the practicalities of your conversion, saving you money and leaving you free to enjoy your beautiful new rooms. Contact them today on 0800 783 9456 or email

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