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Thinking of Getting More Space? Consider Your Loft Conversion Options

Many homeowners consider different loft conversion options for the best way to get extra space in their home. Loft conversions are predominantly more popular than other home extensions, as they don’t eat into valuable garden space or require extensive planning permissions. If you’re looking to get an extra bedroom, study or playroom for the kids, consider your loft conversion options today.

Loft Conversion Options – The Different Types

When it comes to loft conversion options, there are several designs for implementation. The Roof Space method only utilizes existing space within your property. The Dormer method involves the construction of a completely new space to use as you please. Finally, the Hip-to-Gable method involves building up the end wall of the property to create a gable wall which meets the ridge at the top.

The Roof Space method is a popular choice for homeowners who have an attic space which is literally gathering dust! If you want to take advantage of an existing space in your home, the Roof Space method is the easiest and cheapest of the loft conversion options. The method requires the installation of skylights in the roof space itself, floor strengthening, insulation and a new staircase.

The Dormer method involves creating an entirely new space which will join on to your existing property. This can be as large or small as you need it to be, designed to blend into the rest of the building. Box and full-width dormers can add a great deal of space to your home, while being easy to join with the installation of a new staircase. A popular choice of the loft conversion options, this method can be installed on most terraced and semi-detached properties.

The Hip-to-Gable method can be used to increase the internal volume and height of the loft, with dormers added to create character and make the most of the space. Of the three loft conversion options, the Hip-to-Gable method creates much more space than the Dormer method, and can potentially house two new bedrooms and a bathroom. This method is usually done at the back of a property to avoid planning permission issues.

Bespoke Lofts – Giving Homeowners Loft Conversion Options for Over 20 Years

Bespoke Lofts is a professionally accredited loft conversion company, providing beautiful loft conversions to homes across London and Essex. Approved by the Local Authority and trusted by residents London-wide, Bespoke can support you in all loft conversion options from the initial planning stages to implementation.

Contact Bespoke today on 0800 783 9456 or email A free quotation is available through our online contact form. When it comes to choosing from the many loft conversion options, it is advisable to speak to an established company with years of professional experience.

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