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Special Areas in the Garage

Choose a Complete In House Team for a Complete Garage Conversion

As with any type of building work, a garage conversion requires a lot of attention to detail and specific skills from a number of different tradesmen. As a rule, it is always important to check and make sure that a building company meets or exceeds the standards set out in the building regulations.

There are a number of areas that get special attention when completing a garage conversion. Make sure the building company concentrates on these areas:

Garage door infill

The wall that replaces the garage door must be supported on a suitable foundation for its size and weight. In most cases, this will mean the construction of a new foundation. Foundations are very important and the success of the garage conversion literally rests on this fact. As a Federation of Master Builders accredited company, Bespoke Lofts always carries out foundation work to the highest of standards.


It is important that the outside walls of the conversion are waterproof and insulated. If the original garage walls are only of single brick thickness they will either be converted into cavity walls – if the foundations allow this – or sealed from the outside and lined on the inside. Bespoke Lofts has an in-house team experienced in insulating and waterproofing, meaning no subcontractors are required for any stage of the job.

Gas and Electrics

Electrical and gas work should only be performed by qualified craftsmen. A garage conversion company should never place workers or the homeowner at risk. At Bespoke Lofts we only employ Gas Safe registered heating engineers and electricians that hold an Electrical Installation Certificate to perform such tasks.

Legally, it is a homeowner’s responsibility to make sure a garage conversion is given a completion certificate to prove it has been built in accordance with the building regulations. However, a reputable building company should take on the mantle and handle this on behalf of the homeowner. Bespoke Lofts provides such services at an expert level.

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