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Loft Conversion Price Factors

Loft Conversion Estimates and Why they Differ

Perhaps the most common question asked of us at Bespoke Lofts is “how much is our loft conversion going to cost?” Budgeting for such a major project is very important, but many people are still unsure as to why a loft conversion estimate can vary. The reasons are relatively simple. Each conversion is unique, meaning each requires different details, different finishes and different materials, all of which means there is no one price fits all policy where loft conversions are concerned.

Property Layout

When putting together a quote, the house type will be taken into consideration. The price of converting a loft in a four bedroom detached property will differ to one performed in a two-bed terrace. It is also necessary for the loft conversion specialists to take into consideration the layout of the property and look for anything that might complicate the project. At Bespoke Lofts we will visit the property and make detailed drawings and notes to determine the amount of work that would be needed and to identify any problems that may arise.

Plumbing Complications

The scale of the plumbing needed will have a dramatic effect on the overall cost of the project. The inclusion of an ensuite bathroom will, of course, result in a higher cost, and in many cases even if the only job is to move the water tank or boiler, the price can increase.

Here at Bespoke Lofts have our own qualified and experienced plumbing team that is safe and reliable. We never outsource work, which guarantees the quality will be the same throughout the build.

Safe Electrical Installation

Electrics are required in every loft conversion, but depending on the type of room it is earmarked to eventually become, the electrical costs could start to rise. Multiple power sockets, spot-lights and a wired smoke alarm system will of course drive costs up. Remember, whatever electrics you need, only use a professionally trained electrician to carry out these essential works like those found within our team at Bespoke Lofts. Fully trained and 100% safe, put your trust in our electrical specialists.

Remember this advice and make sure you follow the tips to get a fair and reasonable quote.

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