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Three Home Extensions which will Add Value to your Home

We’ve all had the mantra ‘don’t move, improve’ drummed into us over the past few years as the credit crunch hit and people stopped moving and started building on to their existing homes instead. This is all very well and good while you are living in your home, of course, but what about further down the line? 

Ultimately, even if we love our homes as a place to live at the moment, many of us want to add value just in case we want to move at any point. And the best way to do that is through a home extension.  

Yes, new decor can add value too, but it is very subjective to a new buyer’s taste. If you want to future proof your home, both in terms of your changing needs over time and gaining value, adding a carefully planned home extension is the way to do it. Here are our top three extensions to add to your home: 

Concentrate on the Kitchen 

 TV property expert Phil Spencer has often advised vendors on his Channel 4 programme Secret Agent to concentrate on the kitchen above all else. This doesn’t necessarily mean adding a swanky, expensive kitchen which may not be to a new buyer’s taste, but if you can only improve one part of the home, this is the room to go for. 

Kitchen extensions are extremely popular with home buyers at the moment, particularly those that offer open plan living, such as a kitchen-diner, or a family room. Make sure to include lots of natural light and plenty of worktop and dining space to suit the needs of the modern family. 

 Add Bedrooms 

 Adding a double bedroom of approximately 13 square metres can increase a home’s value by up to 12%. We would recommend adding a bedroom via a double storey extension, perhaps with an en suite bathroom too, as bathrooms can add up to 6% to your property’s value, through a double extension. 

According to Nationwide, a double story home extension costs approximately £76,000 for the average home in Britain, so remember to bear this in mind when you’re in the planning stage. Will the 12% you’ll gain cover your costs of building?  

Of course, this isn’t so imperative if you’re planning to stay in your home for a while after the build, as you’ll get the use out of your lovely new room before you move on!  

 Extend Sideways 

 The great thing about a side extension is that it often won’t cost you as much to build, but will give you plenty of useable space. A simple side return home extension costs from approximately £20,000, but will make the space of the room it is adjoining much more useable.  

Similarly, if you’re already building a single storey extension to the rear of your home, it might well be worth tagging on a side return extension while you’re at it, as the added costs will be minimal.  

The key to adding value anywhere in your home is to make the new extension look like it’s meant to be there. With a side return extension, for example, you may wish to build it almost entirely from glass so that it’s unobtrusive.  

However you’d like to extend, here at Bespoke Lofts we’re happy to talk through the various home extension costs to help you discover whether it will add value to your home. Call today for a quote.    

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