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Replace your Lean-to with a Modern Extension

If you’ve purchased an older style property recently, you may well have inherited a rather special lean-to extension. Usually found attached to 1950s and 1960s properties, lean-to extensions were a makeshift way of creating more space in a home. And along with makeshift often comes dilapidated! 

If you’ve recently acquired a lean-to extension, there are certain issues you may have to contend with. Here are our top three reasons why it’s time to replace your lean-to with a modern house extension: 

Energy Efficiency 

Because of the age of most lean-tos, energy efficiency wasn’t normally a priority. But with the cost of heating our homes rising, it is something that the modern homeowner needs to be aware of.  

By replacing your lean-to, you'll be guaranteeing yourself insulated floors and walls, as well as the installation of modern central heating, which is something that most lean-tos lack.  

Even if you opt for a glass roof, you can make sure that A-rated energy efficient glass is used, which allows the heat to penetrate in the winter but keeps the room cool in the summer, not to mention the fact that it’s self cleaning! 

Improved Roof Structure

The makeshift nature of lean-tos often means that their roofs are inadequate. Whether you’ve got a leaky flat roof, a natural-light blocking solid sloping roof, or a noisy corrugated PVC roof, all lean-to roofs come with their own problems. 

Modern home extension roofs are, most importantly, waterproof. You can maintain lots of natural light either by installing a solid glass roof, a roof lantern or skylights, and the modern glass used in roofs is also designed to be quieter when it rains. 

Better House Layout 

Because of the temporary nature of most lean-tos, they were often plonked on the back of the house with no thought to the layout of the rooms they adjoined. We have even seen lean-tos joined on to lean-tos!  

Because of this, the layout and natural flow of the house is often compromised. By replacing a lean-to, you may have the opportunity to do great things. For example, how about knocking down a kitchen lean-to, or a structure housing an outside toilet, and replacing it with a large open plan kitchen diner with a proper downstairs cloakroom? 

The main reason for building a home extension is, after all, to make your home work better for you. There’s no point, therefore, in keeping an old fashioned lean-to if you can make it into a great home extension.  

So for home extensions Essex wide, call Bespoke Lofts for a quote. We’ll be more than happy to clear your existing lean-to and replace it with something fabulous. We’re talking less leaning and more lasting, and what more can you ask of your home?!

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