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Lodgers in the Loft: How Loft Conversions can Provide the Perfect Multi-Generational Living Space

With house prices higher than ever, and deposits harder and harder to come by, many young adults are finding themselves having to live at home with their parents for longer.  

Indeed, according to the Royal Mail’s Home Movers Study, 21% of home-owning parents that moved in the six months leading up to the survey being commissioned were looking to upsize in order to accommodate children living at home into their late 20s. 

What happens, however, if you love your home, but perhaps need a bit more space? How about a granny annexe – or should that be children’s annexe – in the loft? 

A Self Contained Apartment in the Attic 

Whether your children have always lived with you, or they’ve left and come back, if you are a multigenerational home, having a self-contained apartment in the attic does make life easier.  

You each have your privacy; you each have your space. You can use the bathroom whenever you want, and if you’re able to include a small kitchenette area, you can even prepare meals to suit your own schedules and tastes. It may seem a little antisocial, but in terms of your sanity, a little bit of space can’t be beaten! 

Creating the Perfect Attic Annex 

The basics for creating the perfect space for adult children are, of course, a good sized bedroom with an en suite bathroom. Think about including a small sitting area with room for a TV or workspace, too.

If space and budget allow, you might include a kitchenette area, but make sure you consult a professional before forging ahead with your loft conversion ideas, as the building inspector will want to ensure that the floors have been properly reinforced to hold the weight of any appliances, that fire regulation compliance is in place and that there’s enough ventilation. 

Recoup your Costs! 

OK so you might not be able to do this if your grown up children haven’t moved out of home and come back, but if you have got children away at university, for example, you might even want to consider renting out your newly converted loft to a lodger while they’re away to cover the costs of the build. 

Whether this is an option or not, building up into the loft is an excellent way to achieve multi-generational living. So if you can’t afford to upsize, or don’t want to leave your beloved family home, think about the self contained flat as an option. As loft conversion ideas go, this one has the potential to maintain family harmony!

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