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Some Ideas for your Child's New Loft Bedroom

A child’s bedroom often requires different decorating needs to an adult’s bedroom. Yes there are colour schemes and themes to consider, but there are also other considerations.  

If you’re lucky enough to have the blank canvas of a new loft bedroom for your little one, then you’ll have even more to think about! Here’s how to make your child’s new loft bedroom a haven they’ll love at any age: 

Young Children 

If you need to put one of your younger children’s bedrooms in the loft, then safety has to be the first consideration. This includes everything from the staircase through to blind draw strings. A loft conversion specialist will help you through any areas of safety you’re unsure of. 

Having said that, they do make a great space for younger children, as they often have the room to allow for play, and you may also wish to consider putting in a family friendly bathroom, so that the bath-bottle-bed routine can be easily followed.  

Don’t forget a comfy chair for you, too, as you’ll probably spend a lot of time up there playing with your little ones, and remember to choose a scheme that can be adapted as children grow. 

Older Children 

As children get older, a loft bedroom can be the ideal space for them. For children about to move up into secondary school, get them into the habit of studying early by zoning their bedroom into work, rest and play areas, with a designated homework space. 

As children grow, storage is crucial. Make sure they’ve got clear places to store all their toys, books and clothes. Bespoke furniture is brilliant as a storage solution in the loft, as it will fit into any awkward spaces you might find yourself with.  

 The nooks and crannies of a loft conversion often also lend themselves to custom shelving too, perfect for all their knick knacks! 


For teenagers, a loft conversion can be a completely cool hangout. Make sure they’re involved in the design process, as they might have very definite ideas of what they would like. It’s a good idea to listen to them on this front, as they will often know what will suit their interests and studies best, within reason of course.  

Work with teenagers to choose a scheme that they won’t grow out of. As loft conversion specialists, we would advise a neutral scheme that can be added to with pictures and soft furnishings that suit their current interests. And don’t forget an en suite bathroom, as this could be the saviour of all the family in terms of lessening arguments. 

Whatever your child’s age, here at Bespoke Lofts we are happy to create the perfect space for both your and their current needs. Call today for a quote, as we’ll be happy to produce a room you and your children will be proud of.

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