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Living the Open Plan Life

In recent years open plan living has taken London and the south of England by storm. Open plan areas are one of the most sought after features for buyers of new homes. Many people are enjoying the benefits of spending more time together with family even when following different pursuits.  

Sometimes the only way houses can be adapted in this way is to build an extension and restructure the ground floor to include it. When you add a house extension, you can ensure it will bring you all the benefits while planning for the life led by each member of the household. 

What Are the Main Benefits of Open Plan Living? 

The aspects of open plan living that people seem to enjoy the most include the feelings of togetherness that come when you can see and speak to a family member or friend who is in another area of the house. While you are getting a meal ready, you can keep tabs on the children while they do their homework or play or watch TV in the living area. If your spouse is doing the crossword in the paper and needs some input, you don’t have to stop what you are doing to lend a hand. No-one has to leave a room and walk down the hall to communicate. It’s great when you have friends around and don’t have to leave them to organise the food. 

Another advantage is the flow of natural light, unimpeded by internal walls. Some people believe it can save on electricity bills. You can also be more in touch with your garden. Large French windows or bi-fold doors on the house extension mean you can continue your living space onto a terrace, deck or patio. This works particularly well when you stream the same flooring and can’t see the join between outside and in. 

What if Someone Needs Privacy? 

Sometimes you do need to get away from the action into your own space. To prepare for this you can find ways to make little private zones and divide areas. You could use stud walls or glass bricks as partial dividers, making them as wide and as high as you like. Remember though, that anything solid will interfere with the light flow, especially if it goes all the way up to the ceiling.  

When walls are removed, so are many opportunities for storing things out of sight. Mobile storage units can also be used as room dividers. You can even get them with wheels attached. 

Of course, if you really need a quiet time, you can always retire upstairs. Some people go for a long soak in the bath, or convert the loft into a comfy, quiet den. 

Bespoke Lofts has a specialist team that has built many house extensions Essex and London wide. Residents frequently ask for ideas for an open plan design, so we have lots of these up our sleeves, and we work with the family to ensure they get what is right for them. Contact us to discuss what is right for you.

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