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Flooring Ideas for your New Home Extension

Among the many aspects you have to consider when planning your house extension is the type of flooring you will use. As with all interior design elements, flooring is moving on. Materials are becoming more sophisticated as manufacturers respond to what is now seen as luxury, or customers’ desire for more environmentally friendly products. 

Your house extension will give you more floor space and if you are going for an open plan area, consistency in the flooring may be your choice. It will need careful consideration to choose what will be appropriate for all room purposes. Alternatively, you could decide to use different flooring to delineate different zones in the area. 

What Are the Options? 

Wood floors will always be popular. The ultimate luxury is a hardwood floor. To overcome the environmental issues, you can insist on using wood that has been recycled from old buildings. 

Bamboo is fast growing and therefore an easily replaceable plant. Manufacturers have been working to develop bamboo flooring which will no longer shrink over time, a problem associated with it after it was first introduced. It’s now relatively safer to choose a bamboo floor and expect it to last well. 

A less expensive option is wood laminate, which is a slim piece of wood moulded to a backing of a resin compound. As well as being cheaper, it is also easier to lay and sometimes more stable than hardwood floor. 

Tiles are also aping wood, as well as stone or fabric. But tiles are available to suit any look, and can be plain or patterned. Plain polished tiles have a sheen finish that always lifts a room, and you can add variety by alternating different colours. Oversized floor tiles are also popular for flooring, either in large squares or oblongs. If you take tiling through your lounge area, you may want to add rugs for a cosier feel. 

In many house extensions, London homeowners are achieving the luxury look with vinyl that has been printed to look like wood or another material. This comes at a fraction of the cost of a wooden or tiled floor. Vinyl is a good and economical choice to complement any colour scheme. 

If you like luxury carpeting for sitting rooms, you will find carpets with ultra-soft textures for the last word in comfort. Some carpet makers are also turning their products more carbon neutral by recycling nylon as a material, or melting down polyester to make new fibres. 

Get Some Professional Help 

At Bespoke Lofts, our planners take care to ensure that all the decisions our clients make will add up to a project that brings their vision to life. They are well aware of the importance of selecting the right flooring types and designs, and will give you all the time, help and support you need to get it right. Contact us to get the ball rolling with an initial, no obligation, free meeting.

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