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Design a Bathroom for your Loft Conversion

If you want to include a bathroom in your loft conversion, a number of aspects need to be taken into consideration. A loft conversion specialist architect will be happy to work with you on the planning and design of the whole loft area and show you the most economical solutions for your ideas.  

What Are the Initial Decisions? 

These will usually include siting the bathroom area immediately above one on the floor below. Then the existing waste pipes and water pipes can be extended upwards so they can be shared.  

Don’t forget to make sure that the light from whatever windows you choose will fall where it is needed most. For example, you need it to light the washbasin area if you have a mirror over it for shaving or putting on make-up. 

You also need to decide on the method of heating for the rooms in the roof – whether you will have underfloor heating installed or will extend a radiator system from the rest of the house. Underfloor heating is often the choice to save on the space taken up by radiators and have a touch of luxury in the winter months, which will be especially welcome in the bathroom. 

How to Choose the Bathroom Suite 

When you know the exact amount of space available, you can consider what you’d like your bathroom to look like. If you are planning a full bathroom, you’ll need a suite that encompasses the bath, toilet and washbasin, plus a shower stall. Smaller rooms may mean opting for either a bath or a shower, according to your preference. For a shower in the loft you need a shower stall. Because a walk in shower area or wet room needs a solid concrete floor to avoid any leaking, they are more suited to ground floor rooms.  

Your loft conversion specialist will advise you of plenty of attractive but conventional options if you need to watch the budget. If you can go for a luxury range, you might opt for a freestanding bath that looks and feels like natural stone. A space saving bath might be shorter but deeper than one in a traditional size. You can still lean back and relax, but in a sitting position rather than lying full length. You might even find that more comfortable. 

Making it Neat and Tidy 

In the latest bathrooms, pipework is neatly hidden behind panels that may be designed to look like cupboards for storage. Even the toilet can be fitted into a storage unit and a wall hung loo is so much easier to clean around. 

Get the Help you Need 

At Bespoke Lofts, we keep up to date with all  areas of interior design developments and will be glad to help you with your choices, advising you on quality as well as looks. We won’t rush you to make decisions as we want all our customers to be completely happy with the end results. If you are looking for a reliable and helpful loft conversion specialist, call us for a free initial consultation.

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