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A Room with a View: Inspirational Ideas for Sky Gazers

Loft conversions were considered something of a radical concept thirty years ago. Then over time they became ‘old hat’ with people generally using them as straightforward boxed-in rooms at the top of the house. But not any more. Now imagination and creativity have kicked in again, and people are shaping all sorts of wondrous, inspirational spaces in their attics. Here we explore a few of our favourite ideas: 

What New Creative Ideas Appeal to You? 

Imagine lying in a bath at the top of the house, looking up at a cloudless blue sky through an aperture formed by a folding glass panel that opens up the length of the roof on the south side. When black clouds start rolling in, you’ll just press a button and the panel folds closed again, keeping you snug and secure in your rooftop bathroom that is overlooked by no-one.  

You might prefer to make this area an attic bedroom where you can choose whether to lie under the stars or cover the glazing with a blackout blind to turn the space into a secure cocoon for a cosy night’s sleep. For a really creative use of space, you can commission built-in furniture and storage cupboards to fit within the eaves and leave the centre of the room free to use as you will. 

If the loft conversion leaves you with a flat roof area, you could make it a green roof with a sedum mat or, if local planning permits, have a roof garden that you can access from the loft. Outdoor living is possible at the top of the house as well as at ground level. And with some imaginative use of glazing, the rooms in your loft can be at least as light and airy as the rest of the house, and even more so. 

How to Find out What is Possible 

The first thing to do is select a building company that has been specialising in loft conversions over a number of years. You need people who have vision and imagination, but who also know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. They will introduce you to their designers and architects and ensure they understand how their loft conversion ideas can challenge convention within the practical limits of what can be done.  

At Bespoke Lofts, we are aware of local planning rules and will guide you through the planning process if required. With our highly experienced team of experts, who live and breathe only loft conversions, we will then take the project through to the highest standard of finish, and leave you with the conversion of your dreams. You don’t have to make any commitments though until you have had a free initial consultation. Contact us to arrange this at your convenience.

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