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Pricing a Home Extension

Considering having a house extension built? When you are comparing quotes, you need to be sure they all cover the same aspects of the work. Don't forget the additional things you need to budget for as well.

What does your quote cover?

The actual building work will be your largest outlay. Other professionals such as structural engineers and quantity surveyors may be needed for particular aspects of the work. Ask if their fees are included in your quote.

Fees to your local authority

Your council will charge for an application for planning permission if needed, and for their building inspectors to ensure the work complies with building regulations. If this is organised by your building contractors, you need to know if the fees are included in the quote, or will be additional payments.

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A Contingency Amount

An experienced and reputable builder will carefully consider the work that is needed before quoting, but unforeseen problems still arise sometimes. If these mean extra work and materials, they will have to be paid for. You should be prepared to come up with extra cash if needed.

What are the Extras for Your Budget?

The extras come after the building work is completed. While you may be able to live for a while without them, you'll be much happier and more comfortable in your home once they are dealt with.

Are you extending or adding a kitchen or bathroom? If so, you may need new fittings and appliances, which can be quite costly items. Whatever the use for your extension, there will certainly be some cosmetic aspects to pay for. They might be curtains or other window dressing; carpets or other flooring; furniture and accessories to bring your interior together.

Will you be extending into your current garden space?

If so, once the work is complete, you may need to employ gardeners or landscapers to redesign, prepare and plant up your garden.

Be prepared for all this, and you will add significant value to your home with your house extension. And you won't have to move house to get the extra space your family needs.

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