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The Office in the Roof: A Popular Use for London Loft Conversions

With so many people losing jobs and deciding to go self-employed, and others able to work from home for all or part of their working week, the space for an office has to be found in many a London house. This can be easier said than done when you are already squeezing a growing family into a home that’s bursting at the seams. 

A Solution in the Loft 

It has been the initial reason for many London loft conversions. Residents have found it to offer the perfect solution to this problem. A well planned loft conversion can give you a peaceful space for your working day away from the hurly burley of family life. When the design incorporates a bathroom and kitchen area you won’t need to descend from your office in the roof until the work is finished. 

Using the Loft for your Business 

Most roof spaces for London loft conversions are large enough to use to start a new business and have two or three people working together, as long as the spaces are well designed and tailored to the activities that will take place there. The design must be well thought through so that enough light will be thrown onto the areas that need it most.  

This can be achieved firstly through making the most of the natural light available at the top of the house with strategically placed windows of various types. Skylights and velux windows can be supplemented by attractive dormers. Secondly, electrical fixtures can be placed so that additional lighting can be added where needed.  

The Multi-purpose Loft Space  

It may seem rather over the top to convert the loft just so that you can use it for work on a couple of days a week. Many London loft conversions are planned for more than one purpose, which more than justifies the expense.  

Hide the computer and office paraphernalia in brilliantly designed storage facilities, cross the room and pull down a bed that’s stored vertically in a wall space, move freestanding furniture around and you have a perfect guest bedroom, which can have its own en-suite. 

Are you finding it difficult to get to the gym as much as you’d like? Why not incorporate some fitness equipment in your loft alongside your home office? It could be hidden behind a partition wall, an attractive screen or a room divider, if required. 

There are so many other uses for London loft conversions that the sky’s the limit really. At Bespoke Lofts, we’ll give you advice and all the time you need to decide exactly what you want your loft to do for you. And then we’ll have a professional architect work with you to plan your ideal loft space, before we go ahead and build it for you. Contact us for your free initial consultation.

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