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Get More Space by Moving Up not Out with a London Loft Conversion

If you have a home in the London area which doesn’t give you the living space you need, but you can’t afford to move, you are not alone. As house prices rise, mortgages are hard to come by, and the uncertain future of interest rates doesn’t help. For many people the safest thing to do is to stay put and find a way of making more space that will also give the benefit of adding value to the property. If you haven’t already exploited your loft space, one way you can do that is by having a London loft conversion. 

Whatever your reasons for needing the space, it’s worth consulting a specialist building company to find out the options available. There are many ways to convert the roof space, depending on what you need, local planning considerations, and the budget you have for the project. It will be important to take your time for some careful consideration before deciding what kind of London loft conversion will suit. 

Heating and Plumbing Considerations 

As well as the main use you have in mind, it’s usually worth putting some plumbing up there and extending the home’s central heating system so that warmth is available, plus a bathroom without having to go downstairs. An en-suite bedroom is a very popular use for a London loft conversion. 

Bringing in the Light 

Some people want to use the space to work at home, perhaps in an office or a studio. For those kind of activities, plenty of light will be needed. Artists especially are always looking for plenty of natural light and there are many different ways this can be achieved in a London loft conversion. The advantage of being at the top of the house is that windows are less likely to be overshadowed, and if they are carefully selected and strategically placed they will bring maximum light into the room. 

A basic solution is simply to incorporate some velux windows into the roof. With the highest area in the centre, the low areas at the sides can be planned for use as storage. To get more height without raising the roof, a dormer or mansard conversion could be what you need. 

However you decide to alter the top of your house, the extra room or rooms in your London loft conversion will be bound to up the value of it, and your relatively small investment will give you the additional space you need. 

Get the Professionals Involved 

Bespoke Lofts specialises in providing the services you need to build a London loft conversion and our experience stretches back over more than 20 years. We make sure our customers have worked out exactly what they want before we start work on a project. And we always maintain the highest standards for a perfect finish to every London loft conversion. Call us to arrange a free initial meeting about yours.

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