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Lighting Loft Conversions North London Wide

So you’ve made the decision to join the ranks of the many local residents who have loft conversions! North London lofts have been put to many different uses and solved various types of space problems for their owners. Depending on their reasons for needing the space, some have been more successful than others in achieving the light required for their different activities. Most of the noteworthy ones have something in common. They planned for the light at the design stage.

Taking Advantage of Available Light

Natural light should be planned for in the early stages. That means bringing light in from the outside via well designed windows in loft conversions. North London homeowners know that the advantage of a loft space is that its height means that it is not as likely to be overshadowed as other windows in the house. If you are lucky enough to be able to add them facing the south, you can get natural light all day. For this reason, placement is an important factor to consider. Nevertheless the windows must be situated to throw the light where it is most needed.

The type of loft conversion will also impinge on the type of windows you can have. A single Velux window incorporated in a sloping roof will bring limited light, while a group of them can multiply that considerably. 

Light tunnels can be employed to bring light from above where there is a gap between a ceiling and the roof level. If you wanted to add height in your loft, you might have chosen a dormer conversion, in which case you can have vertical windows at full height if you wish, plus skylights in a flattish roof. Windows can also sometimes be added to the gable ends of loft conversions. North London streets often display many or all of these types of windows at the roof level of the buildings.

Planning an Artificial Lighting Scheme

You may still find you have dark corners that need to be lit artificially in the daytime, especially if you plan to do office work or craft work in the loft space. A night time lighting scheme will also be necessary and needs to be discussed with your designer so that the necessary electrical fittings can be included in the plans. 

Spotlights in ceilings are a popular feature throughout houses these days and are often incorporated in loft conversions North London wide, along with other ceiling lights and wall lights. Some people like to keep options open with strategically placed power points for table lamps and floor lamps.

There’s a lot to think about when planning a loft conversion. At Bespoke Lofts, we’ll make sure that lighting is a key aspect of your new loft space design. Call us for a free initial consultation at your convenience.
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