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Extend your London Property Out, Up or Both

Extend your London Property Out, Up or Both 

If you are fortunate enough to own a house in the capital, you might be feeling a bit trapped. You have a high value property but there’s no way it would make enough for you to be able to move nearby to a larger home. Throughout the city though, to solve this problem, people are opting for house extensions. London homeowners have been quick to recognise that this is a way to make the homes they own larger.

Extending Out 

A popular type of ground floor extension is to opt for a large, open plan kitchen diner, making it possible to plan a dream kitchen space that still connects the cook with the rest of the family. It will also enable entertaining guests while last minute food preparations are happening. With these house extensions, London parents can supervise and help with school children’s homework while getting the supper. After eating the cook can sit and read, watch TV or check emails in the same room as the clearing up is getting done. A large kitchen diner always allows more family together time. 

An extension could also house a cloakroom and utility room, reducing noise from dishwashers and washing machines in your living area. If your kitchen area is already adequate, you might want an additional bedroom on the ground floor with an en-suite, so that an elderly or disabled family member can be accommodated. Perhaps you just want to expand your reception rooms and make them more comfortable, or to add a playroom for the children or a TV room especially for teenagers who want privacy for themselves and their friends.  

Extending Up 

If there is no space to extend out, or you are jealously guarding the patch of garden that would have to go, you may be able to add your space above ground level over a garage or other ground floor only area. Some homes already have single storey house extensions London residents can build on. They might choose this option when additional bedrooms and bathrooms are needed. 

Going Out and Up 

With a two storey extension, you can have the best of all worlds: bedrooms and bathrooms above, and more communal living space below. With these kinds of house extensions, London homeowners have been really enterprising. Some of them have added self-contained apartments with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Then they have a neat granny flat or a rentable apartment to bring in some extra income. Not only would the extension pay for itself, it would also be a welcome addition to the household finances in later years. 

You just need reputable builders for your project. Choose Bespoke Lofts and we’ll ensure you have the ideal extension for your needs, with a design you love prepared by professional architects, and the job completed safely in line with building regulations.

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