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What to Consider when Planning your Essex House Extension

What to Consider when Planning your Essex House Extension

A home extension can save you the high cost of moving to a larger house if you need more space. It can also make that move more affordable down the line by adding extra value to your home. Many people are opting for house extensions, Essex wide. 

Before you join their number and plan your extension, there a few things you should research and consider. Firstly, if you want to make your home attractive to buyers you need to think about who they will be. You may have lived in your area for years and be familiar with many of the locals, but it’s worth checking out the ownership trends with a couple of estate agents.  

Adding Value 

What types are looking and buying? Are they families, couples, young professionals or older people? How much are they prepared to pay for a house in your road, and how will they feel about house extensions? Essex home buyers with different profiles have different needs from their homes, so your extension should be designed to suit these types as well as your own. This could also affect your budget for the project to get the most value from it. 


As long as your house is not a listed building and you comply with the local planning regulations, you should be able to choose what materials to use for the extension. You may want it to appear as seamless as possible so the materials should be matched closely to the original building. You may want to make it as eco-friendly as you can, which means sourcing particular materials. Or perhaps you want it be striking and unusual, modern in appearance. In many house extensions, Essex residents feel that light is really important and like to use plenty of glass.   

Sourcing certain materials can take a while and it can be expensive to acquire them quickly. Set a schedule and budget that allows for this with your designer and builder. At Bespoke Lofts, we are accredited builders who believe in open and frank communications with our valued customers. We won’t start work until all details of the design and materials required are ironed out satisfactorily. 

For Home Extensions, Essex Residents Dream of 

Whatever ideas you have, whether you decide on a ground floor extension to house a large, open plan kitchen diner, or a two-storey extension to add a couple of en-suite bedrooms on the first floor plus a downstairs wet room and a cloakroom off the hall, we will accommodate you with as little hassle as possible. Contact us to have your project completed to the highest standards. We will do our utmost to deliver it on time and within budget.

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