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"I had used Bespoke Lofts in the past for another loft conversion; I was delighted with the previous work so it seemed natural to choose them again to create an office in my home.  I was amazed at the floor space that was created, it’s made our working life much easier.  I’m so pleased with the windows too and the amount of natural light, the room is positively bright and airy. It’s inspirational in fact!"

Victoria, Wanstead

A dedicated office space that’s flooded with natural light’ was the initial brief from celebrated fashion designer Victoria

Victoria works from her Wanstead home with three members of staff. Their cramped office meant that her living space was being taken over by the business.

Victoria, who has designed for Girls Aloud, requested a conversion with as much natural light possible, the best light to work in. To ensure the work space was flooded with light we fitted three large double windows in the large rear dormer hip to gable conversion.

We maximised the floor space of the conversion as well to ensure there was ample room for four desks for Victoria and her team to work comfortably.

The project was completed in just seven weeks and the result is an airy conversion that serves well as a workspace.

Planning Ahead

Should Victoria wish to change the office into a bedroom with an ensuite in the future, we thought ahead and laid the necessary pipes under the floor, thus making a future conversion possible without added expense or intrusion.