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Loft Conversion Ideas: Dormer Window Seat

dormer window ideas

Dormer windows make the perfect space for a window seat. Cosy, enclosed, secluded; just a few of the ways we’d describe a window seat created within the alcove of a dormer window. Looking for loft conversion ideas for your dormer window? Look no further than these suggestions for a dormer window seat!

Make use of the natural light

The natural light afforded by a dormer window seat makes it the perfect space for creating a reading nook. Just think of those winter days snuggled up under a blanket, book in hand, with the elements whipping around outside.

To sit and read for a while, you’ll need to make sure that the window seat is comfortable. This could mean making the seat slightly deeper than usual in order to be able to curl up, or using plush soft furnishings and cushions to create a luxuriously comfortable seating space. You may need the window seat to be designed bespoke for the area in this instance, so speak to your loft conversion company about your vision.

It could well be that you can also make use of floor to ceiling windows within your dormer. Then, placing a comfortable chair or chaise lounge in front of it, you would make use of all of that natural light. Remember that you can always supplement natural light with stylish artificial ceiling lights and lamps; ask your loft conversion company for more ideas.

You’ll need a library of books nearby in order to serve your dormer window seat well. Why not use the sloping ceilings and any awkward sloping walls either side of your dormer window to have tailored storage created?

Create storage space

Window seats are an excellent option for extra storage within your loft space. A bench-style dormer window seat can double up as storage with a hinged lid under the cushion. Alternatively, ask your loft conversion company if they can create a bespoke window seat which incorporates open shelving underneath to display books, magazines and other treasures.

In a loft conversion bathroom, if you have the space for a dormer window seat, why not furnish it with small baskets underneath which can be used to store toiletries or linen? When it comes to loft conversion ideas, this has to be one of the most practical!

Day beds for modern loft interior design

Day beds are all the rage at the moment. Perfect for those times when you have extra guests in the house or as a breakout and relaxation space within a home office, a day bed can work well as part of a dormer window seat design.

You’ll need to ensure you’ve got enough loft space for a day bed to work with the rest of your room. Still, if it’s not an issue, it can make a handy addition, creating an occasional extra bedroom.

Loft bedroom seating

You may just want a simple dormer window seat to incorporate as part of your loft bedroom design. Having a seating area that isn’t the bed is a useful addition to any bedroom. It can be used for reading, getting ready, watching TV or using the laptop. Use scatter cushions to make the space comfortable and inviting, especially if you’re likely to use the seat for a long time.

We love the idea of creating a bedroom dormer window seat that mimics a cocoon of clouds: plenty of white, fluffy soft furnishings, cushions, and a comfy throw. So, while you’re up in the eaves, you can float away with a good book or boxset. It has to be one of the best loft conversion ideas out there!

For more loft conversion ideas, talk to Bespoke Lofts

Whether you’re looking to create a reading nook, or just want to incorporate a dormer window seat as extra storage, here at Bespoke Lofts we have the solution you are seeking. We can take your loft conversion ideas and create something bespoke to your loft window measurements.

Get in touch and prepare for the best seat in the house with a loft conversion dormer window seat.

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