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Let the Sun Shine: Maximising Light in your Home Extension

Let the Sun Shine: Maximising Light in your Home Extension Natural light is often the finishing touch to any home. People buy houses purely for the bright, sunny rooms on offer, so if you’re extending your home, it’s important to ensure that as much natural light as possible fills the room. 

This, of course, can be easier said than done, but with the help of a home extension specialist, you can achieve a sun-filled, fun-filled room in one swoop. Here are some helpful ideas to set you on the sunshine track: 

Skylight, Sky Bright 

The obvious way to add light to any room is, of course, with windows. So why not add windows into the roof of your extension to take this one step further? Remember that by adding on to the back of your house, light will have further to penetrate to reach the back of the room. 

By adding sloping skylights, natural light will be able to reach further into the room, which can really bring the new space and the room the extension is joined on to alive. 

Glazed Over 

Contemporary all-glass extensions are a great way of filling a room with light. Much more modern than the traditional conservatory, these rooms often involve bi-fold doors to give a totally seamless illusion of space, and work well for rooms such as kitchens, as you can step right out onto a patio for summertime dining. 

Completely glazed extensions are a great option for period homes, as it’s often difficult to match a new extension with the existing exterior of your traditional home. With this in mind, it’s sometimes better just to go for something completely contrasting to the rest of your home. 

Front it Out 

If you’re adding a double storey extension, consider glazing the whole of the front with floor to ceiling windows. This will give a contemporary twist and at the same time will maximise the natural light on that side of the house. 

Love Lanterns

If your home extension will include an area which will naturally suffer from a lack of daylight, for example in an ‘L’ shaped extension, sky lanterns are a great option.  

They can be added to an area which doesn’t have exterior wall space for windows to create a vaulted glass ceiling which will allow a pool of light to fall in the darker space. 

Maximising Natural Light in Home Extensions North London Wide 

 If you’re considering a home extension but are worried about the implications of potentially losing some natural light, turn to a home extensions expert. An experienced contractor will know the best way to add natural light to your new space, to make it airy, spacious and homely. 

Bespoke Lofts have over 20 years’ worth of experience of creating beautifully lit home extensions North London wide, and we know how important it is to maintain as much daylight as possible within your property. We’ll make sure your home is light, bright and airy, and extended to make the most of the space available to you.

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