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A Loft Conversion with a Capital L-Shape


The beauty of a loft conversion is the fact that a large amount of habitable space is created in a very short time span. A loft conversion will often be the entire floorplan of the house below, which means that you’ll have a lovely, large blank space to play with.

Most homes are square or rectangle, which makes the new room quite uniform. But what if the footprint of your home is L-shaped? When it comes to loft conversions in London, homes which are traditionally L-shaped, such as Edwardian and Victorian homes, or those that have a double extension to the rear, can benefit from an extension across the whole of the floorplan. 

Converting the Loft of an L-Shaped Home

Where a house is naturally L-shaped, or if a home has been extended at the rear so that the floor plan becomes L-shaped, the same shaped loft conversion can be created by adding a dormer or mansard conversion over the rear outrigger. This is a great addition to any home, as it extends the entire footprint of the house.

Plenty of light can be added to the conversion by incorporating windows on more than one projection of the conversion. In fact, the protruding end of the L-shape could be made of floor to ceiling glass, to give some wow factor to the outside of your home and plenty of natural light inside the conversion.

Planning the Interior of an L-Shaped Loft Conversion

The beauty of an L-shaped loft conversion is the fact that by its very nature, the new space created will be zoned into two separate areas: the long and the short parts of the L, at right angles from each other. 

This lends itself beautifully to creating a variety of different room combinations. A simple idea would be to create two bedrooms in this space: one main bedroom and one smaller one. The main bedroom might also include a shower room, or a dressing room as part of its design. If you’re expecting a new addition to the family, this could work beautifully as a master bedroom and adjoining baby’s nursery.

Alternatively, why not use the new room as a master bedroom with a home office in the smaller section? Or create a self-contained studio apartment in the loft, with a bedroom and bathroom in the larger end of the L, and a kitchenette in the smaller room. A self-contained conversion like this is perfect for young adults who are returning to the nest after university, for older relatives or for lodgers.

If you have an L-shaped home, why not add a sizeable amount of extra space by converting the entire loft? L-shaped loft conversions can really add something special to a home. They are, after all, the loft conversion with a capital L.

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